Smelly feet

Smelly feet is a common condition characterized by the accumulation of too much sweat in the feet, which are usually closed by shoes.

The medical term used for the condition is bromodosis.

What are the reasons?

The feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body. As these glands secrete sweat regularly throughout the day, thus ensuring the moisture and elasticity of the skin.

Some shoes can cause an increase in the amount of sweat released and also prevent its evaporation and absorption, so the skin remains constantly moist.

And these dark and moist conditions that are created are very favorable for the development and reproduction of bacteria. And when these organisms begin to enclose the sweat droplets, the feet begin to smell.

Anyone can get sweaty feet regardless of the temperature or season, but it happens more often to teenagers and pregnant women due to hormonal changes that cause overactive sweat glands.

You are more likely to have sweaty feet if you are on the move, meaning on your feet all day, if you are under a lot of stress, or if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, which is characterized by more than usual sweating.

Poor hygiene can sometimes also have an impact, for example, rarely washing your feet or not changing your socks at least once a day, which creates conditions for an increase in the amount of bacteria.

Treatment for smelly feet

One of the best ways to prevent the growth of bacteria and the resulting foot odor is to maintain good foot hygiene, for example:< /p>

• Wash your feet every day with a mild soap, carefully cleaning the space between the toes, and then carefully dry them, especially between the toes.

• Keep your nails short and clean;

• Check your feet and heels regularly for the presence of hard, dead skin, which easily absorbs some of the moisture from the feet and becomes the perfect habitat for bacteria.

• Change your socks at least once a day;

• Try to alternate between at least 2 pairs of shoes, leaving the shoes worn during the day to air out for at least 24 hours before putting them back on.

Remove the insoles to aid the drying process.

• Wear socks that will absorb moisture such as thick and soft ones made from natural fibers or specially made to absorb moisture.

• Wear shoes made of genuine leather or fabric, not synthetic material such as plastic;

• Avoid wearing tight shoes;

• During the summer months, it is good to wear open sandals or slippers and go completely barefoot at home.

But, considering the cleanliness of the cities in Bulgaria and the huge population of stray dogs, it is absolutely necessary, as soon as you get home after walking in slippers or sandals on the street, to at least rinse your feet.

Because stray dogs carry a host of parasites whose eggs are not visible to the naked eye and there is a very high chance that they will end up on your leg and if you don’t wash your feet these parasite eggs can end up on your table or bed and inadvertently ingest them.

• If the smell of your feet is very persistent, you can apply formalin to them in the morning before putting on socks and in the evening before going to bed.

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