The poor and the rich are susceptible to different types of cancer

Poor and rich people are susceptible to the development of various types of cancer, according to the results of a recent scientific study.

In the poorest parts of America, the incidence of some types of cancer is much higher than in areas with more affluent populations. Cancer death rates are generally highest among low-income residents, scientists say.

“The socio-economic status of the patient is usually not taken into account when making a diagnosis and when analyzing medical records, so we did not have the official statistics. This is why we decided to do our own studies,” says Kevin Henry, professor of epidemiology at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA.

According to the scientists, Kaposi’s sarcoma (a type of skin cancer that occurs in AIDS patients) and larynx cancer, the tumor of the cervix , penile carcinoma, and liver cancer, known as cirrhosis, are more common in people with low incomes.

These types of tumors, the development of which is associated with smoking, alcohol use and injection drug use, are more common in poor areas.

Because smoking is a more common and widespread habit among people in poor areas, the same is true for tumors caused by smoking, said Dr. Ahmedin Djemal, vice president of the American Oncology Association.

Tumours, for which infections, sexually transmitted diseases and poor nutrition are risk factors, are also more common among people with low incomes.

Thyroid and testicular cancer, as well as melanoma and other skin cancers are more common in affluent areas with affluent populations .

“We collected and analyzed data on more than 3 million patients with different types of cancer,” says Henry. “This allowed us to get to know in detail even these types of tumors, which are very rare.”

According to the results, the appearance of 32 of the 39 types of tumors examined depends on the economic status of the patient. 14 out of 32 cancers are found more often in poor regions.

“The wealthiest often have the types of tumors that can only be detected through screening and medical examinations,” – explains Resinda Sherman, co-author of the scientific development .

In contrast, in poor areas, access to cancer screening programs is very low and unsatisfactory.

Mammary gland and prostate tumors are often identified among wealthier citizens, and most of them are “caught” after screening tests such as mammography. A mammogram detects these tumors at an early stage, when treatment is most effective and often with a good prognosis.

The fact that cancer is more likely to be diagnosed at a later stage in the poor explains the higher cancer mortality in poor areas.

However, scientists note that regardless of the thickness of your wallet, you cannot buy health. No matter how much money you have, it cannot guarantee you a cure from cancer and a long life.

That’s why it’s better to easily avoid unnecessary risks by getting rid of bad habits, starting to live a healthier lifestyle, eating quality food and don’t forget to do preventive examinations on time.

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