Venustraphobia – fear of beautiful women

There are many stupid and inexplicable phobias in the world. But such as venustraphobia or in other words caligynephobia – fear of beautiful women – takes, perhaps, the first place in the group of the most ridiculous phobias.

It is not considered an aberration when a man may be afraid of beautiful women. Still, they exude sexiness, confidence and audacity.

However, when a man experiences panic fear when he sees a very beautiful girl, this is already a completely different matter. Due to the presence of this phobia, a person cannot build a normal personal life.

This condition is characteristic of adolescents during puberty. Of course, over time it is possible for this phobia to subside, and in some people it continues to manifest itself into adulthood.

What are the causes?

As with most phobias, the causes of this panic fear are experienced negative events in the past.

For example, a man was humiliated by a beautiful woman or she refused him in a way that left a significant mark on his mind.

In those affected, a complex of inferiority and self-doubt begins to develop. Therefore, affected men are not considered worthy of such women.

Some even think that if a girl is beautiful, she must be spoiled, stupid and selfish, because she is used to getting everything she wants from childhood.

According to these people, it is not worth wasting one’s time with such girls or women.

Symptoms of venustraphobia

When he begins to communicate with a beautiful woman or girl, a man suffering from caligynophobia may feel dizzy, short of breath, palpitations and even faint .

First of all, such a state may be due to the fear of failure in the dating attempt or possible ridicule and humiliation from the beautiful woman.

Such men rarely feel comfortable in a woman’s company because they consider themselves to be nothing and that they have no chance of attracting the attention of a beautiful girl or woman.

Men suffering from this phobia prefer to spend time mostly in male company, they don’t go to various bars and cafes to avoid meetings with beauties.

They can also safely communicate with girls of ordinary appearance, in their opinion, that is, not super beauties that cause in them / in men suffering from venustraphobia< /em>/ anxiety and fear.

The behavior of such men depends on the severity of the phobia.

Some of them may just feel awkward and uncomfortable, while others may be so scared that they get up and run away from the place where they met a beautiful woman.

Treatment of venustraphobia

This type of phobia, although not deadly and life-threatening, significantly complicates it. Therefore, it should be treated unless the man who is afraid of beautiful womenis in his teens.

Because his phobia will subside towards the end of puberty. A man experiencing a panic fear of beautiful women should consult a psychologist. Initially, the reason for its appearance should be clarified.

After that, a specific therapy is prescribed, in which the man tries to overcome his fear on his own. If this method turns out to be ineffective, then psychotherapy or hypnotherapy is applied.

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