What are the 3 most common medical errors?

Most people probably think they are in good hands once they see their doctor or enter the hospital for treatment.

In most cases this is true, but we all know that there are doctors and nurses who are just ordinary people like us, and people sometimes make mistakes.

Unfortunately, errors that occur in healthcare facilities can be deadly.

Even if you go to the hospital on purpose to see a specific doctor because he is an acquaintance, a friend, or you are classmates, be vigilant.

It’s just that sometimes we all make mistakes, whether it’s from haste, unprofessionalism or carelessness, mistakes are mistakes.

And sometimes they can be life-saving if not allowed. For this, keep your eyes open on 4 and never be too trusting.

Here we will introduce you to some of the most common medical mistakes that are made in hospitals.

1. Medicines

One of the most common mistakes is to mistake the medicine or its dosage.
But this is really very dangerous because there are extremely powerful medicines, with which should be very careful because even a small and insignificant mistake would be capable of taking a human life.
If you are placed under home treatment and you are not sure about any kind of medicine, go to your pharmacist and ask.

He will tell you exactly what kind of medicine you are taking, what you are taking it for and what is the correct dosage for your body.

If you are in a hospital, you can always be calm, because every med. nurse and any doctor you see are able to tell you what, when, how much and how to take.

2. Infections and infestations

The hospital is one place that leads all others when it comes to germs and bacteria.

The hospital is an extremely suitable environment for the breeding and transmission of all kinds of infections, some of them very serious, others incurable, and others deadly!

Don’t be afraid to tell a member of staff to wash their hands before they touch you, it’s normal and you’re right for yourself.

Also, try to wash your hands as often as you can to be more protected from possible infections, contagions and other disease agents.

Avoid contact with the clothing of the hospital staff because it is heavily saturated with all kinds of germs and bacteria stuck to it from other patients!

3. Errors during surgery

Although these days this sounds extremely improbable, even crazy to some extent, in the past it was a fact, an unpleasant fact.

There are many recorded cases in the past where the surgeon removes a different organ, amputates the wrong limb, etc.

This can be an error on the part of the surgeon due to him being ignorant or, in most cases, incorrectly providing information.

What you can do is meet your doctor who will be performing the surgery as close as possible to the time your surgery will last.

Explain to him well what your problem is, what you suffer from and what you need.

Of course, the medical team is well prepared and the chance of allowing a mistake of this nature to occur is next to zero, but in the world we live in it is always good to be extra safe and keep one thing in mind.

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