What are the symptoms of alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a very dangerous disease that manifests itself differently in different people. While one person can drink alcohol by the bottle without any side effects, for others it only takes one or two drinks to feel highly intoxicated, lose balance, have stomach problems . But while alcohol affects people differently, there are some common symptoms of alcoholism that apply to everyone.
If you’re not quite sure whether your friend or loved one is suffering from alcoholism, follow instructions below to navigate the situation.

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is addiction to the use of alcoholic beverages. It is considered a mental illness with compulsive behavior that results from alcohol addiction. It also turns into physical dependence, as an increase in alcohol tolerance is observed and there is a need to take increasingly large amounts of alcohol.

After that, the effect of intoxication occurs with the intake of smaller amounts of alcoholic beverages. Abstinence syndrome is also observed due to the lack of alcohol in the body. Alcoholism is often thought to be a family disease, passed down through the genes, but this is not always the case. This disease can be transmitted to the generation, but it can also develop in only one family member.

Often times those who drink only on festive occasions end up becoming alcoholics. In addition, alcoholism is when the focus of interests and life revolves around alcohol consumption.

How do we know if someone is an alcoholic?

There are many symptoms of alcoholism, but here we will list the most common signs of alcohol addiction.

– lack of control over how much alcohol is consumed
– guilt or shame about drinking alcohol

– people they love lie about drinking
– an alcoholic is someone whose loved ones worry about their drinking habits

– alcoholics are also those who feel the need to consume alcohol to feel comfortable or normal
– memory loss or “white spots” after excessive alcohol use
– do not stop drinking , although they say they will consume only one drink

Some other signs that the person opposite you is an alcoholic

– want to stop drinking alcohol but just can’t
– give up their hobbies or normal daily activities as a result of alcohol use
– all they think about is alcohol
– they continue to drink even after realizing they have a drinking problem

If you, a friend, or a loved one has a drinking problem, the most important thing is not to delay seeking help and start treatment today.

The signs and symptoms of alcoholism can vary from person to person. If one person may have only one of the listed symptoms, another may have all of them, or even all of them.

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