What diseases does the cold cure in winter?

Perhaps you nobly envy those who managed to afford to spend the New Year holidays in a country with a warm climate like Thailand for example. But it was in vain.

Recreation during the holidays at native latitudes is most beneficial for health and beauty.
For a long time, scientists considered warm weather to be the most comfortable for the body.

But, studying with bias the influence of cold on the body, they found that low temperatures are the most beneficial for health.

Despite the generally accepted belief, most people do not get sick when it is cold, but in the periods of “softening” and warming of the weather, which are characteristic of the temperate climate zone in which Bulgaria is located.

Cold disinfects the air, destroys viruses, microbes and allergens and conditions it, filtering harmful particles from it.

In our latitudes, the invasion of cold air masses is also accompanied by very strong winds, which disperse fine dust particles and make the air, even in large cities, very clean.

It is also known that low temperatures activate the body’s defenses. This partly explains the fact, unproven by science, but known to all pediatricians, that winter children, that is, those born in winter, are stronger and healthier than the rest.

1. Sleep on a winter night

It is known that a full sleep is a guarantee of excellent health and self-esteem.

And people sleep better than ever in the winter.
Chris Idikowski, a professor of sleep medicine at the International Center in Ottawa, Canada, found that it’s not just the long, dark nights that contribute to for the formation of maximum amounts of melatonin in the body, which is why people sleep so well.

The cold outside also helps for a good sleep – in a cool room you fall asleep quickly and sleep better.

2. Frosty air is also good for the psyche

Low temperatures maintain the tone of the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for counteracting stress.

This affects people, they fall into depressions and cause wars and revolutions mostly in spring and autumn, and during the winter period they usually keep calm and are cheerful, optimistic and in a good mood.

3. The ruddy beauty

It is believed that bulky winter clothes do not allow women to show their beauty, but this is actually a big misconception. Scientists from Harvard University, USA, have proven that men consider ladies the most attractive precisely during the winter time of the year.

This is due to the fact that during the cold winter months, the male body synthesizes the greatest amount of sex hormones, which makes the representatives of the stronger sex approach women especially carefully.

But a woman is also in the prime of her life during cold weather. Low temperatures stimulate the biological activity of cells. Therefore, after winter walks, the skin becomes fresh, smooth and elastic, and acquires a pink hue.

That is why, by the way, beauticians recommend washing in the morning with cold water and rubbing the neck and face with ice cubes.

And in professional cosmetics, cryoprocedures are actively used, which cause forced activation of cellular metabolism and literally smooth out the wrinkles formed on women’s faces.

Nevertheless, cryoprocedures, both home and professional, require special attention and a certain degree of competence from the person performing them. Because excessive exposure to cold can lead to rosacea and frostbite, requiring medical attention.

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