Why do women live longer than men?

Women live longer than men according to statistics. It turns out that although it is believed that men are physically strong and mentally tough, and women are fragile creatures, most representatives of the stronger sex are also under constant stress and worry even more than women.

An American study called “Why do men die first?” tries to find an answer to the question of why men’s life expectancy is shorter and what measures should be taken to reverse this trend.

What are the facts?

The authors of the study advise men not to be skeptical of information of this kind and to pay attention to the statistics:

• Ischemic heart disease affects men 3 times more often than women;

• Suicide rates are much higher in men than in women in all age groups.

• Murders and suicides are among the top 3 causes of death for men aged 15-34;

• The number of women reaching the age of 85 compared to men is 2 to 1.

“Why do men die first?”

A few facts from the book “Why Men Die First: How to Extend Your Life” by Marian Legato, MD, MD.

In preparation for the creation of the book, the author carried out a large amount of scientific work, studying the biological, cultural and personal factors reducing the life expectancy of men.

Psychological factors

Mortality is higher among men because, contrary to popular belief, they are less resilient and more psychologically vulnerable.

And unlike women who wage a fierce battle with their illnesses, most men cannot boast of good faith in this matter.

Most often, the representatives of the stronger sex ignore the recommendations of doctors, skip examinations and, in most cases, seek medical help too late, hoping that everything will pass by itself.

Problems with health conditionally rooted in the way of upbringing

The man endures the pain and does not pay attention to the obvious symptoms of the disease, because he was taught from early childhood to be patient, not to show that it hurts, to be strong and not complain. And then he will become a real man.

Statistics show that more than half of men seek treatment under pressure from their wives and relatives or when their condition worsens sharply. Therefore, there is every reason to reach the conclusion that peculiarities in upbringing kill a man.

How can men live longer?

In his book, Professor Legato calls on the medical community to pay serious attention to men’s health. But the leading role in this process is also played by the people closest to each man – the wife, mother, sister and daughter.

If women are able to fight breast cancer, they certainly can and have to protect their men. The stronger sex deserves serious attention.

Here are some tips to help you extend your life span

1. Always be frank when consulting a doctor – leave the shame and embarrassment behind the office door.

2. Examine testosterone levels – after the age of 30, the synthesis of the sex hormone begins to decrease by 1% per year. Reduced testosterone levels are the cause of a decrease in vitality and a number of other symptoms, such as the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases many times over.

3. Maintain immunity – men’s immune systems are not as durable as women’s. And statistics show that men die more often from 7 of the ten most common infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and venereal diseases.

4. Don’t put up with depression – the condition is much more dangerous in men than in women and can even have catastrophic consequences such as

5. Don’t act like a reckless teenager – the reckless nature and lifestyle of teenagers makes them more prone to injuries and cases of ridiculous death. And most men keep the childish inside of them for a very long time.

But control of behavior and actions is of vital importance. But in fact, men from childhood tend to be idealistic, strive to become heroes, strongly believing in their invulnerability.

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