Why is “cleansing” the body of “slags” and “toxins” a myth?

Recently, more and more programs have appeared to “cleanse” or “detox” the body. The authors of these programs, as well as the owners of the centers of non-conventional medicine, promise to deliver anyone who wants it from the “toxins” and slags.

However, official medicine still cannot figure out what “toxins” and “slags” are being talked about in the advertisements of these “detox” programs.

Of course, the idea that a glass of carrot juice and a cleansing enema is able to “wash away” all the “caloric sins” of high-calorie fast food lovers, and also those , who like to regularly drink more alcohol, is extremely attractive.

Unfortunately, this is simply unrealistic. Detoxification and getting rid of the slags is just one marketing concept, the goal of which is the effective sale of certain goods and services.

Actually, there is no single way to “cleanse” the organs and tissues of the human body to a “shine”. But this is not necessary either – a healthy organism copes beautifully with the tasks of maintaining an appropriate chemical its composition.

“The word ‘detox’ has two meanings,” says Edtsart Ernst, professor of complementary medicine at the University of Exeter, UK.

The first involves ridding the body of the consequences of drug abuse, and the second is a method used by “healers” to push false programs to rid us of non-existent dross.

If your body has accumulated really toxic substances that it is unable to deal with, you will need to seek help from a toxicologist or if your condition is too severe you may hospitalization was necessary, but in no case will raw vegetables help you, nor will hydrocolonotherapy.

In a healthy organism, the liver, kidneys, liver and even the lungs are involved in the “detoxification” function, and there is no way they can be stimulated to perform this function better. p>

The majority of sales of slag and toxin cleansers are provided by the very concept of initial presence of toxins in the human body – these are harmful substances that are inhaled or ingested, as they are contained in food.

And according to scientists, it would be good if these preparations really cleanse, to be studied by independent experts in order to improve them.

However, when in 2009 scientists from the association Sense about Science – which could be translated as “sense in science” – approached 15 manufacturers of detoxification preparations with a request to tell them about the way of action of these remedies, and not one of them has been able to unequivocally articulate what the word detoxification means, except that it originates from toxins.

Cleansing methods

Regardless of this, products and services that offer us to get rid of toxins and slags are extremely numerous. Tablets, teas, body cleansing tinctures, face masks, bath salts, shampoos, shower gels.

Yoga, cleansing cosmetic procedures, massages and specific diets are also claimed to rid us of impurities and toxins.

Of course, if we follow a cleansing diet, we can lose weight, but this does not apply to the toxic substances that may have accumulated in our body.

Separately, hydrocolonotherapy is worth mentioning. Proponents of this method claim that feces accumulate over the years on the walls of the intestines and are gradually absorbed back into the body.

Fortunately, no doctor has ever seen or scientists have proven the existence of this mythical phenomenon. But it will not be difficult to find a medical professional who will confirm that during the procedure we can to damage our intestines.

There are other ways to cleanse the intestines. Manufacturers often add polymers and food dyes to rescue tablets. And at the next bowel movement, a person sees that his feces are unusual and convinces himself of the effectiveness of the pill he has chosen. But without having the slightest idea of ​​what happens to his organism after taking these tablets.

Another way to “get rid of the slags” – fasting or eating only foods from the same group. Catherine Collins, a nutritionist at London’s St George’s Clinic, believes this approach is completely wrong.

“Rejecting certain food groups, or choosing only some of them, is not what we need,” says Collins. According to her, the real “detox” is not smoking, regular physical activity and adherence to a healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, olive oil, whole grains, walnuts – such a diet “makes” the body as a whole and in particular its immune system function more efficiently. Almost every nutritionist will confirm this.

Then why do so many people refuse to eat wholesome and varied food and limit themselves to foods that rid them of toxins, undergo painful and unpleasant, and expensive procedures and buy expensive detoxification preparations ?

London-based psychologist Suzanne Marchand-Heiko believes that this is all due to the “boom” of the body wellness industry. “In search of the origin of this phenomenon, we must turn to the not-so-distant past.” – points out Suzanne Marchand-Heico.

According to her, in the 70s, the age of the beauty and diet industry began. Fitness centers began to appear one after another, people began to pay more attention to their way of feeding. And “detox” specialists have simply found ways to profit from this.

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