Women with large breasts buy the most expensive goods from online stores

Marketers from a well-known online trading portal paid attention to the fact that women with luscious shapes spend more money and bra sizes are directly proportional to the passion for shopping.

A study by the marketers of the Chinese Internet empire Alibaba revealed an interesting pattern between bra size and passion for shopping. This was recently reported in one of the major British daily papers.

The marketers had at their disposal the data on what underwear each user of the online store’s services buys.

This allowed women to be divided into categories according to their purchase value /that is, the turnover that the respective user generated on the online store/ and then this data was linked to the size of the bra, which is specified when ordering and buying underwear.< /p>

In first place in terms of sales volume, among the countries where Alibaba conducts business, are users from Russia.

The range of the online store – home appliances, phones, smartphones, clothes, sports goods and much more – represents more than 100 million products sold by more than 200,000 Chinese sellers and manufacturers.

It turned out that the expensive purchases 7% of female buyers who bought bras in the second size, that is, with a B cup.

With an increase in the sizes of purchased bras, the percentage of expensive products also increased – for “threes” and “fours” they were 17 and 24% respectively, and the highest indicator was obtained by women with breasts of the fifth bra size, that is, with cup E. The share of expensive purchases of women who used bras of size 5 was 33%.

The researchers note that breast size and “wallet thickness” are often correlated, and those with a bust size two are likely to be young, low-income women.

In addition, the value of underwear for the more endowed categories of women is inflated and this may affect the results of the analysis performed, but in general will not significantly change the final data.

Alibaba employees also note that female users of the online store often do not indicate their age, but this data would be of interest for subsequent marketing research.

In the past year, the director of Alibaba significantly increased the staff of marketing specialists engaged in the study of the habits and characteristics of buyers.

The management of the largest online store in the world hopes that the data obtained will contribute to a better understanding of the desire of its users and to more accurately satisfy their desires, which would bring even greater profits to the company.

Although a big and luscious bust is the dream of every girl, European and American health experts constantly talk about the fact that small but natural breasts are much more practical and comfortable.

These tips also resonate with many therapists, physiologists and other medical professionals. Too large breasts can become a real danger to women’s health.

With its impressive size, the bust disrupts the normal posture of the body, as a result of which blood circulation worsens and prevents full and proper breathing. For girls with large breasts, sports requiring excessive movement of the body such as jumping and running are contraindicated.

And after the age of 30, such a bust loses its shape and sags, causing not only physical discomfort to a woman, but also all sorts of psychological complexes. Also, with larger busts, it is not advisable to wear smaller bras for the purpose of emphasis, as this way the breasts are compressed.

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