10 benefits of jogging for your health

Jogging, or running for health, in addition to sculpting your body and straightening your line, also brings many health benefits.

Running increases immunity and protects us from diseases, strengthens bones and supports mental activity.

Here are the ten most serious effects of jogging on our health:

1. Improving Your Heart Rate

Jogging is one of the best exercises when it comes to cardio. It will help you get rid of excess weight, speed up your metabolism and increase the endurance of your heart and lungs.

As a result, you will be able to take deeper and deeper breaths, thus making your heart pump more blood, increasing your stamina and energy.

2. Purified blood

Jogging has beneficial effects on your blood in many different ways. It reduces blood pressure and helps against high blood pressure and any cardiovascular disease.

3. Reduces the risk of diseases

Studies show that jogging daily protects you from serious diseases related to the heart, diabetes and even cancer.

4. Stronger Bones

Jogging is an exercise where you stress your entire body and use your own weight, thereby increasing the minerals in your bones, especially in the lower back area.

As a result, you get a stronger bone system that will be less susceptible to diseases, strains, breaks and any kind of trauma.

5. Supporting mental activity

Jogging is also very useful for your brain. Through this type of sports, you train not only your body, but also the main computer.

The first mental benefit is that by jogging you get rid of stress much easier, because you completely forget about everyday problems and through physical exertion you manage to throw away all the tension and negative energies outside your body.

Secondly, through this type of training you will always be in a better mood, because by jogging you stimulate the release of endorphins – a hormone known for its influence on mood and feelings and often called the “hormone of happiness” “.

6. Supports weight loss

Jogging is the best exercise you can add to your workout, especially if you are aiming to lose extra pounds. Research shows that one mile (1.6 km) of jogging burns 150 calories and improves your body fat index.

7. Stronger immunity

If you want to be more resistant to viruses, flu and any diseases, start practicing jogging! With such training, you raise your body temperature, which stimulates blood cells to fight diseases.

Also, viral bacteria are not resistant to high temperatures, and the moment you start exercising, they will be flushed out through your sweat.

8. Better sleep

Studies prove that cardiovascular exercise directly contributes to better and more restful sleep. In addition, the light your body absorbs while jogging directly affects your sleep and its different phases.

9. Higher levels of vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin” is produced by your skin when it has contact with sunlight, and as a result increases the strength of your teeth and bones.

And because jogging is an exercise that is performed outside, you can naturally reach the maximum levels of this vitamin in your body.

10. Extends life

Studies prove that people who practice jogging every day live up to 5 years longer than those who do not practice it and live a sedentary lifestyle.

Jogging also increases the quality of your life, ensuring that you look younger, be more active even in old age and enjoy a peaceful old age, free from unnecessary diseases and body pains.


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