10 negative effects of excessive masturbation in men

Most men find masturbation quite fun because it gives them different sensations that they could not get otherwise. However, it is important to know that excessive masturbation takes its toll on the human body.

Let’s take a look at the ten most common negative effects of masturbation and how to avoid becoming addicted to it:

1. Too frequent masturbation makes ejaculation difficult

Too frequent masturbation, especially repeated masturbation during the day, is exhausting for the body, and each time ejaculation becomes more and more difficult.

This is mostly because the body needs some time to restore the fluids lost so far. So to get the best experience, practice with measure and moderation.

2. Excessive masturbation makes it difficult to get an erection

Excessive masturbation can lead to a decrease in the sensitivity of the genital organ, which ultimately leads to difficulty getting an erection. This would be a particularly unpleasant experience if you were with your partner. The good news is that sensitivity gradually returns and improves.

3. Psychological effect

For many people, masturbation also has a psychological effect. By practicing it too often, they begin to feel guilty. If this is the case with you, just thin out the “sessions” a little and you will see that there is no need to feel guilty, because you will feel that your body really wants it.

4. It can lead to mental illness

It is not yet fully proven, but excessive practice of masturbating can lead to brain diseases. The strange thing is that such a relationship is not observed in frequent contacts between partners.

5. It leads to hair loss

Here the effect of masturbation is not decisive, but it can be combined with other factors and “support” hair loss. It is believed that in some cases, where people with no family history of baldness, it is possible that too frequent masturbation is one of the factors of hair loss.

6. Problem with social life

It is believed that there is a relationship between social life and masturbation. People who masturbate more are more likely to have fewer friends, more financial problems. Conversely, if you go out and meet more people, you are much less likely to over masturbate.

7. Dependence

Like most things in life that one overdoes, masturbating too often can lead to dependence and addiction. As with any other addiction, this can also be quite insidious and almost impossible for you to deal with. To cope you need to strike a balance. Just do everything in moderation and give yourself breaks for a while.

8. May cause swelling

The skin on the penis is very sensitive and can easily be rubbed. Also, if the hands are not thoroughly washed beforehand, contamination is possible. All this leads to swelling, sometimes difficulty urinating and even unpleasant sensations when touched. For this to be all right, just don’t overdo it and keep good hygiene.

9. Decreases pleasure

Very often people who masturbate too often complain of a lack of pleasure from sex. This is due to reduced sensitivity. If you dilute the sessions, you will feel a much stronger desire to contact your partner.

10. Increases the risk of other addictions

It is thought that if a person gets to the point where they do not enjoy sex as a result of excessive masturbation, this can lead to the use of illicit substances in order to another pleasure is found. This can lead to dangerous consequences and addiction.

After all this, you can answer honestly whether you are not overdoing it. After all, the purpose of masturbation is pleasure and self-knowledge, and there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as it’s practiced in moderation. The balance and slight restriction of masturbation promise much greater pleasure afterwards.

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