10 useful tips for maintaining our mental health

Here is a small but easy to implement list of 10 tips to help you feel in good mental shape:

1. Believe in yourself

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and build on them. Do the best with what you have.

2. Accept Compliments

Many of us have a hard time accepting compliments, but the truth is that we all need to hear affirming statements to boost our self-esteem.

3. Make time for friends and family

If you don’t make time for your friends and family, chances are they won’t be there for you in the important moments you want to share with someone your joys and worries.

4. Offer and accept help

Relationships with our friends and family members are strengthened when we put them to the test.

5. Create a financial budget

Often it is financial problems that throw us off balance. In order not to have this problem, we must build a budget and try not to go beyond it. This will save us a lot of worry.

6. Volunteering

Volunteering somewhere and helping out completely free of charge can bring you satisfaction that paid work cannot.

7. Do your best to control your exposure to stress

We all experience stress, but we must learn to overcome it by relaxing and thinking less in favor of more active action.

8. Find strength in sharing

Sharing our problems with other people helps us find solutions more easily, relieve some of the worry, and feel that we are not the only people with problems.

9. Identify your emotions and give them a face

We all need to find an easy and harmless way to express our emotions so as not to suppress them. Express your feelings, describe them, give them an image and talk about them. That way you will overcome them more easily.

10. Be at peace with yourself

Know yourself, discover what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy. Be clear about what you can change and what you can’t and what you will have to put up with.

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