3 proven ways to prevent and treat arthritis

Millions of people around the world suffer from some form of arthritis. And the diseaseis considered incurable, and standard medical practice is simply to prescribe drugs to reduce symptoms.

But these medications in no way treat the actual cause of the inflammation and swelling of the joints, which is the most characteristic sign of the disease.

And they only cover up the disorder in the body, as they can potentially lead to changes in the functions of some organs, which will further worsen the health condition of the person.

However, the good news is that strong evidence is available that the pain and disability caused by arthritis can be alleviated and even prevented by following a certain diet and alternative therapies.


Diet and Nutrition

Eating habits significantly contribute to the exacerbation of arthritis.

In fact, if a person eats in the typical way of Bulgarians who live in urban conditions, they are most likely to worsen the condition of their inflamed and swollen joints from arthritis, which is associated with more discomfort and suffering for them.

The food ingredients causing the most serious exacerbation of the symptoms of the disease are:

• Hydrogenated and trans fats;
• White flour and sugar;
• Gluten;
• Chemical additives;
• Yeast;
• Milk and milk products ;
• Caffeine;
• Alcohol;
• Tobacco;
• Phosphoric acid, which is found in large quantities in carbonated water;

A diet consisting mostly of fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and gluten-free whole grains is recommended.

Because these foods are rich in substances necessary to reduce the amount of free radicals in the body.

Also, their ingredients contribute to the maintenance of the health of the skin and tissues and to the renewal of the cells of the cells, muscles and tendons, as well as to the acceleration of intestinal peristalsis.

The consumption of alkaline foods such as green leafy vegetables, creeping yarrow, also called ryegrass, aloe vera and cherry juice is recommended for arthritis.

Treatment with herbs

In addition to the fundamental approach of treating arthritis by changing diet and habits, herbs can also be used.

They can also contribute significantly to reducing joint inflammation due to arthritis. Some of the most recommended herbs for swollen joints are:

• Turmeric;
• Devil’s claw;
• Nettle;
• Willow bark;
• Green tea;
• Boswellia;
• Ginger ;
• Reishi mushroom, which in addition to relieving joint swelling, has been found to destroy tumor cells in mice, with 4 out of 8 rodents seeing complete disappearance of the malignancy.
• Ginseng;
• Stinging nettle;
• Nettle;
• Prevara (medicinal Easter, Gergeovdenche) – grows mainly in North America, in temperate and humid climate zones;

The above herbs when combined daily with a proper diet can provide significant relief from the symptoms of joint inflammation.


Massage is one of the main therapies when it comes to treating arthritis. People with this disease often experience prolonged muscle tension due to poor blood circulation in the muscle tissues, which can cause nerve and joint pain.

Massage helps remove muscle waste deposits that can cause pain by stimulating blood flow to the affected areas and bringing more oxygen and other necessary tissue nutrients to the affected joints.

Arthritis sufferers are advised to undergo massage treatments 2-3 times a week in the early stages, then once a week for several months. And after that, massages 2 times a month are enough.

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