Are bananas a cure for depression and constipation?

This fruit is more often used by people who exercise to restore electrolyte levels in the body and to quickly regain energy lost during exercise.

But bananas are much more than a sweet treat or a nice addition to your morning breakfast.

Rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial compounds, bananas can also serve as a natural remedy for depression, indigestion.

They can also effectively increase the capacity of the brain and have a soothing effect on the nerves, as well as contribute to the improvement of other important functions in the body.

A little closer look at the scientific literature on bananas reveals a host of little-known benefits of eating the fruit.

Everything from regulating blood pressure and normalizing impaired bowel function to relieving arthritis symptoms and even managing drug withdrawal symptoms have been attributed to this common fruit.

Also, bananas are among the most widely available and relatively inexpensive super fruits known to man.

Eating bananas can help relieve symptoms of depression and improve mood.

Since the fruit contains tryptophan, a compound also found in higher amounts in turkey meat, which promotes calmness and a more cheerful mood, it has also been found to relieve symptoms of depression.

Combined with the benefits of B vitamins, the conversion of tryptophan into serotonin, the so-called happy hormone, helps lift the mood and create a sense of well-being.

Maintaining the intake of B vitamins at sustainable levels over the years may prevent the development of depression as we age.

When dietary sources of vitamin B are combined with dietary supplements of the same content, then the positive effects on depression are more pronounced.

The fiber in bananas helps with regular bowel movements. Like many other whole fruits and vegetables, bananas are an excellent source of soluble fiber.

Constipation and other intestinal diseases can be prevented by including the fruit in the usual diet.

A 2013 study suggests that bananas help normalize normal bowel function in diarrhea.

Fiber also helps with rapid digestion, which is the reason for the faster removal of its waste from the body through bowel movements.

Increase your intelligence with bananas

In addition to vitamins, bananas contain potassium, which is an electrolyte and is used by the heart, kidneys and other organs of the body to carry out normal their functions.

Brain function relies on high levels of potassium, and a deficiency of the mineral can lead to “brain fog” and other cognitive problems.

A 2013 study published in the journal Neuroscience Letters examined the relationship between the amount of free radicals and potassium levels in the brain.

After 20 days of potassium supplements, the levels of harmful free radical and free radical were significantly reduced, which led to a limitation of the oxidative damage that occurred as a result of their action in the people who took part in the study .

Since oxidative damage leads to a weakening of brain function, potassium counteracts this effect and prevents brain damage.

B vitamins help calm the nervous system. Out of eight known types of vitamin B, bananas are a source of 5 of them – thiamin /B1/, riboflavin /B2/, niacin /B3/, pyridoxine /B6/ and folic acid /B9/.

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