3 shocking truths about sugar

If you have decided to cleanse your body of accumulated sugar, you will understand that psychological readiness is crucial.

Part of that preparedness includes having a plan to stick to and stick to.

There are tons of materials and articles on the internet that talk about how to get rid of sugar, but not all of them are credible and not all of them can be followed.

The truth is that each metabolism works in its own way, or in other words, no two metabolisms are alike. Therefore, the ways in which you work will not be the same for another person.

Each problem has an individual solution for each individual, and what is contained as information on the internet may have worked for someone, but may not work for you.

Here we will also present some of the most harmful properties of sugar, which we call “deadly truths about sugar”, because some of them are really very dangerous and can lead to serious problems.

  1. By nature, sugar is two-faced

Let’s first clarify what sugar is and what we mean by sugar.

Usually when you think of sugar, everyone thinks of the little shiny white crystals that we put in our coffee in the morning or in the cake when we make it.

But let it be noted that sugar is made up of 50% fructose and 50% glucose. The most common form of refined sugar is sucrose.

This is a very important fact to know because it makes a huge difference to the body what exactly it breaks down, fructose or glucose.

The two products are different and are handled differently. That is, every time we consume sugar, the body is stressed because it does not know exactly how to approach this dual product.

A kind of eat chicken steak that is created from 50% chicken and 50% pork.

We just don’t know how it happens, how it is possible and most importantly – how to approach such a case

  1. Fructose = fat

Glucose is the sugar that is processed in our intestines and during digestion it can be used by any part of the body.

Fructose, unlike glucose, enters the liver directly. Part of it turns into glycogen, which we use for energy, but another part of the fructose turns into triglycerides, or in other words – fats.< /p>

Yes, fructose is fat, the parts of your body that you don’t like and look at in the mirror with resentment are fat, transformed fructose.

The problem with fattening is that the industry is looking for maximum profit and profit, and rarely is sugar more than 65-70% pure.

Sugar is mixed with a large bouquet of chemical substances, some poisonous, others carcinogenic, and still others are addictive. p>

As a result, most of the sugar sold in stores is much sweeter than normal and therefore more addictive.

  1. Sugar is addictive

Sugar changes biochemical pathways in our brain and kills our dopamine receptors< /strong>.

To get its next dose of dopamine, our body needs more and more sugar.

That’s why of the roughly 600,000 food products in America, over 80% are high in fructose to keep Americans addicted, but at a low price.

There is nothing wrong with eating a little chocolate, sweets are also useful, but you just shouldn’t overdo it with the consumption of sugary products. If possible, try to find as much pure sugar as possible, which will not have such a harmful effect on your organism.

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