3 Health Benefits of Hugging

Let’s just hug! Everyone needs a hug that would symbolize love.

Both men and women, and children, and even animals.

Actually, most people don’t realize the importance of hugs at all, but we all do.

Scientists have even found through numerous studies that there are people who suffer from depression because no one hugs them.

Furthermore, in some countries the recently popular profession “hugger” is found.

You simply pay someone a certain amount and they will hug you at a different time interval.

Sounds extremely crazy and impossible to you, doesn’t it? But here are some positives of people hugging.

  1. A hug can boost your immune system

You already know that when you are depressed, stressed, worried or scared of something or in other words subjected to a strong negative emotion, your immunity to diseases drops drastically and it is extremely likely that you will get sick from flu, runny nose etc..

According to a study published in the well-known scientific journal “Pstchological Science”, social support between people through hugs lifts the mood and dispels bad emotions and thus people are much more little vulnerable to diseases.

But if there is no one to cuddle with so often or there is no so-called in your city. “huggers”, you can simply go to SPA procedures and have a massage.

As well as killing any knots in your muscles, it also kills any kind of flu and colds that are in the bud ie. you’re not sick yet, but you feel like you’re not feeling 100%.

Massage will kill those harmful bacteria inside you and boost your immune system.

  1. Hugs help you face your fears

A recent study of married women produced extremely interesting results.

When each of the women in the study was deliberately placed under stress, fear or another negative emotion, her hormone levels sharply have increased.

And then the spouses of all these women were deliberately involved in the study. When every stressed out lady was in shock or fear of the circumstances, they suddenly calmed down as soon as they held their men’s hand or huged them.

In other words, crying on someone’s shoulder is always a comfort.

  1. A hug can save your relationship

According to an international study, it appears that if you and your partner hug often , your connection is much less vulnerable to interruption.

Based on sexual desire, interpersonal relationships and love, scientists found that frequent hugs bring people together.

Another study done in England found that among the 1,000 couples surveyed, those who do not cuddle while sleeping are extremely few.

Couples who fall asleep clinging to each other are about 94%. The study proves that people who are huged while sleeping are about 68% happier than those who are not.

A very strange statement indeed, but science comes up with facts that simply cannot be overturned.

I don’t think anyone realized how important this simple human gesture called a hug is to our lives, but after reading this article, you understand that even though it is small, this gesture is very important for your health, intimate life, mood and coexistence with your partner.

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