4 completely natural ways to feel happy

Most people’s main goal in life is to feel happy. And yet many of us reach despair because their desire seems hard to achieve.

One thing we should always remember is that happiness is in our hands. This statement may sound like a cliché, but it is still completely true.

Happiness doesn’t have to be a distant dream, it’s an attainable goal that depends on our own thoughts and actions.

So instead of wallowing in self-pity in your role as a victim, learn about some completely natural ways to feel happier.

Take responsibility for your own life

It is not unusual for a person to feel pressured to do things that society, their circle of friends, their family and other important people demand.

Man is a social being and he needs to be part of a community in order to feel safe.

This circumstance has a very simple and at the same time natural explanation, which is rooted in very deep antiquity, when people had several possible tools to protect themselves from the surrounding predators.

Then the only way for a person to stay safe is to join a group of people or a tribe. If someone left the group, in most cases he could not survive alone.

Today, this way of thinking is also still a constant part of relationships in human communities, although emotional rather than physical survival is now on the agenda.

Our desire to please others, even on a subconscious level, is completely natural. However, it is important to remember that each of us is valuable in our own right with our own desires and personal qualities.

Building one’s own model for a lifestyle corresponding to one’s beliefs, such as when choosing a profession or an intimate partner, is the main way to improve the overall sense of well-being.

Eat well

The food we eat has a huge impact on both our body and our mental state.

While some foods help us achieve emotional balance and calmness, others make us feel highly agitated and depressed.

And that is why an important step on the way to achieving lasting happiness is to pay attention to what we eat every day.

We must choose mostly fresh and, if possible, naturally produced foods, for the cultivation of which large amounts of artificial fertilizers were not applied, which is a difficult task in Bulgaria, but it is not impossible.

In addition, fruits and vegetables treated with pesticides, as well as meat from commercially raised animals, contain a large amount of hormones and chemicals that over time begin to affect our health and possibly cause chronic depression.< /p>

But sometimes contact with such foods, especially in Bulgaria, is unavoidable, since a large part of the meat is imported, and there is no way to send every single food we eat for laboratory analysis.


Namely, maintaining physical activity will protect us from harmful foods, from which in most cases we cannot escape.

During training, the release of two important hormones in the body is stimulated – endorphin and dopamine, which have a dual function and are, in addition to hormones, also neurotransmitters.

Join a volunteer organization

When a person does something selflessly for others, over time he begins to evaluate his life more positively. In addition, by devoting our time to a socially significant cause, we will also find like-minded people. This is essential because positive social interaction is very important to achieving complete happiness.

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