4 reasons why carrot juice is good for health

Carrot juice is really amazing and not only because of its pleasant taste but also has properties that make it very beneficial for health.

Through carrots in the form of juice, we can obtain a large amount of nutrients, and their beneficial effects on the body are manifested almost immediately.

The vegetable was originally grown for medicinal purposes, not as food. In sunken merchant ships of the early Middle Ages, carrots, parsley and onions were found preserved in the form of clay capsules.

They were used to treat gastrointestinal ailments among ships’ crews.

Although the use of carrots as medicine is documented in ancient Greek historical sources, this is the first time that scientists have physical evidence of this.

Why is carrot juice actually so useful?

1. Improves night vision

Carrots are an excellent source of beta carotene, which is transformed into vitamin A when digested.

Although it is also found in many other plants, it is found in the greatest amount in carrots, and the more orange the vegetable, the more beta carotene it contains.

Vitamin A activates a light-sensitive substance in the retina called rhodopsin, which regulates vision depending on the intensity of light.

Rhodopsin is particularly important for night vision because it captures very small amounts of light, which helps to adapt to darkness more easily.

Vitamin A also protects against age-related cataract, a slowly progressive infection of the eye. It causes clouding of the eye lenses and there is a risk of gradual blindness.

2. Protects hair, skin and teeth from damage

Carrot juice is much more effective than any wrinkle cream and is much cheaper.

Vitamin A, which is contained in the vegetable drink, protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, and antioxidants slow down the premature aging of cells.

Drinking carrot juice regularly is an excellent way to improve the appearance of hair and skin. The vegetable is also a very good source of calcium, which means it is very good for teeth, bones and nails.

Carrot juice also has a beneficial effect on the gums and limits the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Drinking the juice of 9 carrots provides the same amount of calcium as a glass of fresh milk.

3. Protects against cancer

Although it is an isolated case, the author of children’s books Ann Cameron was able to fight off stage four cancer by drinking carrot juice.

She points out that she believes from personal experience that carrots can cure cancer. And quickly without chemotherapy, radiation or other dietary changes.

Although most scientists are suspicious of these claims, studies show that carrots have anti-cancer properties.

Drinking carrot juice can help reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer, as well as colon cancer, as it contains the compound falcarinol.

Beta carotene, which is a source of carrots, can prevent the development of skin cancer because it binds to free radicals in the body, protecting cells from damage that can cause their DNA structure to change.

4. Rejuvenates the liver

Carrot juice is also useful for the liver, as it helps to cleanse the toxins formed as a result of the metabolism in it. Thus, regular drinking of juice from this vegetable prevents the formation of kidney stones.

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