Top 6 health benefits of apple juice

Apples are considered the healthiest and most useful of all other fruits. This wonderful fruit originates from Central Asia and is grown almost everywhere in the world, with its world production in 2012 reaching a record of almost 63.5 million tons.

And China is the largest producer of apples with 37 million tons per year, in second place is the USA with significantly less – about 4 million tons. Among the European countries that are in the top 10 of the largest producers of the fruit are: Turkey, Poland, Italy, Russia and France.

The most popular varieties of apples are Red Superior, Golden Superior and Gala. All of them are equally beneficial for health.

Apple dominates other fruits worldwide because it has such properties that make it extremely useful for health. You can include apples in your daily menu, it is even recommended.

They are good to be raw and can be eaten alone or simply added to various salads. Apple juice is also among the most preferred, as it is absorbed very quickly and shows its beneficial effect on the body about 30 minutes after drinking it.

Why is apple juice so good for health?

1. Helps strengthen heart function

Apples are a very good source of strong antioxidants – polyphenols and flavonoids, which are extremely beneficial for the heart and help maintain its good health.

Fruits also provide the body with the valuable mineral potassium, which is also essential for strengthening heart function. Therefore, a glass of apple juice every day acts prophylactically against cardiovascular diseases.

2. Prevents Asthma

One of the unique properties of the apple is that it contains flavonoids. These essential nutrients have been very well researched and it has been found that patients suffering from asthma experience a significant reduction in the frequency of asthma attacks after starting a regular intake of apple juice.

Flavonoids also help strengthen respiratory function. Recent scientific research results also show that the lungs of people who drink apple juice regularly are in better condition and have greater respiratory volume.

3. Cleanses the liver

Apples are an alkaline food and help cleanse the liver of destructive toxins/metabolic waste products.

In addition, regular consumption of the fruit balances the ph levels of the body. The pectin contained in the skin of apples helps to maintain a balanced digestion.

4. Lowers cholesterol

Apple juice is also beneficial because it helps lower cholesterol levels. High levels of low-density cholesterol /LDL-C/ are the main cause of the development of cardiovascular diseases.

If you consume one apple or one glass of apple juice per day, you will protect yourself from these diseases, which are the cause of premature death not only in the developed countries of Western Europe and the USA, but and in Bulgaria.

Even here the statistics are even more alarming. Bulgaria ranks first in the European Union for cardiovascular diseases, according to Eurostat data.

Therefore, regular consumption of apples or drinking apple juice is an extremely easy way to reverse this negative trend. And besides, apples are an extremely tasty fruit that is to the taste of the majority of people.

5. Helps strengthen bones

Apples are a source of several valuable nutrients – vitamin C, iron and boron, which together help preserve or strengthen the bone structure.

6. Stimulates the immune system

The greater amount of vitamin C in apples makes immune cells significantly more mobile and accordingly increases their effectiveness in fighting various pathogenic microorganisms.

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