4 top foods that help us melt belly fat

Whether or not you will be successful in losing weight depends solely on a few simple lifestyle changes. The secret is different from traditional (and very difficult) calorie counting or any dubious gimmicks supposedly aimed at shortening the time it takes to reach your goals.

It all comes down to giving your body real food and exactly what it needs. Apart from nutrition, another important element is sleep. The combination of proper nutrition and sufficient rest will allow you to reach unprecedented levels of energy, and from there to an unusual decrease in appetite and hunger for harmful foods.

Studies show that we modern humans have completely ignored the body’s natural needs for food and rest. Instead, we spend all day at work, we are always sleep-deprived, and we eat only junk, and we eat most abundantly in the evening, when the body needs rest and sleep.

The result?

We fall into the trap of filling up. We are attacked by a flood of hunger hormones that make the desire to eat simply irresistible. But if you turn to your body and restore the natural rhythm of eating and sleeping, you will be surprised how quickly your body will adapt and tame the uncontrollable hunger and desire for sweet and fatty foods.

The revolutionary diet specifically designed to melt belly fat explains how a good night’s sleep will help you lose weight while you sleep, and how the right food choices and meal times will satisfy your needs for fuel and taste.

Eat these foods to sleep better, feel full of energy, get rid of pesky belly fat, and finally get the figure you need.

1. Fish

When our diet is poor in fish and omega 3 fatty acids (found mainly in fish), the pineal gland – the part of the brain that regulates the nervous system – cannot function properly . This leads to a decrease in the production of melatonin – the sleep hormone.

People who are deficient in melatonin quite often suffer from sleep problems, which leads to unhealthy midnight hunger pangs and snacking on sweets, cakes, ice creams, biscuits and the like.

Apart from everything else, fish is very rich in proteins, which greatly satisfy the appetite and create a feeling of satiety for a longer time. Proteins have another advantage – they require more energy from the body to be processed than carbohydrates and fats. Finally, we have to say one more good thing about fish – the omega 3 fatty acids contained in it help to keep your heart healthy and also reduce the risk of dementia.

2. Nuts

These legumes are a great source of magnesium, which in turn has mood-enhancing properties. According to a study published in 2010 in the journal “Magnesium research”, nuts help people relax and get their dose of healthy and restful sleep at night.

100 people over the age of 51 took part in the study. They were divided into two groups. One group was given plain placebo tablets and the other group was given 350 milligrams of magnesium per day. After seven weeks, there were already results – the group that took magnesium slept much better than the other participants in the study.

Better sleep has been proven to help reduce appetite and weight gain. As a bonus, the ladies in the study had much lower levels of various inflammatory processes at the end of the seven-week period, which is a kind of preventive measure against a number of cardiovascular and cancer diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and others.

3. Milk

It turns out that milk, in addition to its many other benefits, can do you a big favor by helping you get rid of belly fat. In 2010, scientists from the University of Birmingham, Alabama, conducted a study among 100 women in their menopausal period. It turned out that the fat tissue of the women who took calcium-rich foods significantly decreased during the test period.

The ladies were instructed to consume half a bucket of yogurt a day, and soon the results showed that each of them shed several inches of abdominal fat and had a reduced amount of fat around their internal organs. And this is good news, since it is precisely these fats that are considered one of the dangerous causes of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to all this, calcium helps the body relax and get a better night’s sleep, as well as helping against muscle cramps, which can often be the cause of waking up in the wee hours of the night.

4. Cherries

Cherries are a wonderful choice for a late night snack. A few cherries can help you increase the amount of the hormone melatonin and get a better night’s sleep.

Also, cherries are a powerful anti-aging antioxidant. In addition, they are extremely dietary and will not burden the digestive system before sleep.

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