5 natural methods to unclog your nose

During the winter, each of us at least once feels a runny nose.

We all know how unpleasant it is, how it prevents us from breathing, how we wake up at night, andthe nose hurts.

But besides drops and nasal sprays, there are several natural methods that help to unblock your nose faster.

1. Don’t blow your nose hard

One of the biggest mistakes is blowing your nose hard. This can lead to even more inflammation of the delicate membranes in the nostrils.

The less you reach for the tissues the better, as incredible as it sounds.

2. Prepare saline solution

Saline solution is easy to make – just salt and water.

You don’t need to buy it from the pharmacy, because you can prepare it at home by dissolving coarse sea salt in boiled water.

Put 5-6 drops in each nostril. This helps unblock the nose and clears the nasal discharge, and with it the bacteria that caused the inflammation.

3. Do a steam inhalation

This is most easily done by taking a hot shower, as you inhale the warm steam in the bathroom.

Using a humidifier also helps. Another option is inhalation with a decoction of cabbage leaves. 2-3 of them are boiled in 1 liter of water.

Bend over the pot of potion, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam for 8-10 minutes.

4. Put honey in the nostrils

Put a pea-sized amount of honey in the blocked nostril. The sensation is not very pleasant as you will feel a slight tickling and burning sensation.

This is actually the powerful effect of honey on the mucous membrane. It heats up and, thanks to the abundance of enzymes and microelements, helps the inflammation subside more quickly.

5. How to clear a stuffy nose in 2 minutes

The method was developed by Russian doctors. It’s a simple breathing exercise that will help you quickly clear a stuffy nose and get rid of a runny nose in just a minute or two.

This breathing exercise works for over 85% of people. Make sure you follow the instructions correctly.

Pinch the stuffy nose with your fingers and walk quickly, pinching your nose and keeping your mouth closed the whole time. You will most likely be able to take about 20-30 steps.

As you walk, you must hold your breath, no matter how much you want to breathe. Then sit with a straight spine and focus on your breathing.

After you clear your nose, try to breathe in a regular rhythm, not in deep breaths, while keeping your mouth closed.

Take a small breath, then relax all the exhalation muscles, especially the upper chest and other respiratory muscles.

Then inhale less and relax again. With each inhalation, practice this technique of reduced or shallow breathing while remaining calm.

Your goal is to maintain your hunger for air for about 2-3 minutes with full body muscle relaxation. Breathing may be rapid or shallow during this period, but don’t worry, this is nothing to worry about.

The technique may seem too simple or silly, but it really works to unblock your nose.

And something very important – after clearing your nose, it is important to breathe only through the nose and not through the mouth.

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