Celery is one of the most ancient plants, which, with its spicy taste, occupies a leading place in the diet of most people who are concerned about their good health.

This vegetable from the times of Greek mythology, in which it is mentioned that this root plant was favored by Aphrodite, who is known to most of us as the goddess of beauty, and the famous physician Hippocrates used celery as a medicinal preparation.


Healing properties of this plant were also attributed during the reign of Cleopatra.

Today this root plant is used to prepare a variety of dishes, adding it to soups, broths and salad, and also used roasted and pickled.

Celery is also used for food in raw form, as its stems and roots are edible. Celery salt is prepared from the pre-dried seeds of this vegetable, which is added to dishes to emphasize their spicy taste.

Celery is also valued by herbalists, who use it not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of various diseases. This vegetable is also used in pharmaceuticals and for the production of various cosmetics and perfumery.

Beneficial properties

The health benefits of this vegetable are primarily determined by its ability to save a person from insomnia.
Of course, the greasy bitter taste of celery appeals to few people.

But with his help, they could permanently stop taking sleeping pills, which have an extremely bad effect on health.

It is enough for a person to eat a few servings of salad with celery during the day and he will sleep sweetly and peacefully like a baby all night long.

Furthermore, many of the sleeping pills available on the Bulgarian market contain celery extract. At the same time, this vegetable does not lead to habituation, and a person’s ability to fall asleep in a short time is restored naturally.

Celery also has another very valuable property – to promote the release of excess fluids from the body and to cleanse the kidneys.

As is known, the human body often accumulates too much fluid, mainly due to the fact that in Bulgaria, salt is traditionally added to dishes.

By helping to release excess water from the body, celery also contributes to improving health and normalizing body weight.

Together with the excess water from the body, through the kidneys, harmful waste products from the metabolism, most often formed as a result of fermentation in the intestines, are released, and as a result, blood pressure is normalized.

It is important to note that this vegetable prevents the formation of kidney stones.

It was prescribed by folk healers to people suffering from various diseases of these organs, in the times when medical preparations were not yet so widely available.

Celery prevents the formation and subsequent growth of cancer cells. The important thing is to use it in its raw form, because during heat treatment it loses almost all its useful properties.

Contraindications for the use of celery

Celery can be used in moderate amounts by any person. But when someone decides to treat certain diseases with this vegetable, he must first consult a medical specialist.

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