5 things every man wants during sex

No one should allow themselves to be dictated to in bed.

But if you are wondering what men like, remember that they are not complicated creatures.

They fall for cowboy tricks – something scandalous, something sudden, something strange.

Here are every man’s favorite performances in bed.

They like women to talk dirty to them

This doesn’t mean you have to describe everything that’s going on out loud, but you’d be surprised at the effect of the occasional obscene word said on the spot.

Not everyone is comfortable doing this, but you don’t need to step too far out of your comfort zone.

Words and phrases like “I’m wet,” “I feel so good,” and “stronger” can also work wonders.

Just avoid clinical descriptions like, “I can confirm that your penis is inside my vagina” – that won’t please anyone.

Men want a woman to take control sometimes

There are several things men like to get from hot women who know what they want and there are many different ways to communicate with one person.

One of them is sometimes the woman taking control in sex. This doesn’t mean you have to use whips, handcuffs and leather belts (although why not?).

But try pushing the man onto the bed and pressing his hands behind his head – that way he will reach the top very quickly.

It is very exciting and while you are in this position and in control, to change the pose to another one.

Men dream of trying new poses

Men really like it when you act like a Kamasutra heroine. Try new positions or situations for sex – the more creative, the better.

It can be a sex show, involve jacuzzis, whipped cream and bananas, or simply change old, tried and tested poses in some way, like the doggy or “the missionary“.

Don’t even worry about whether either of you will be able to orgasm in this position – it’s enough that you’re doing something you’ve wanted to experiment with for a long time and that it turns you both on.

Men want to be surprised

Some men may be scared if a woman suddenly pulls out a vibrator from under the mattress in the middle of sex.

But introducing some new things and attributes during the love act is not a bad idea. You can make a surprise even by choosing a place for sex – in the corridor, on the stairs or simply turn the one-time act into a sex session.

Moments like this, when you can’t control yourself and almost tear off your partner’s clothes with passion, are always appreciated by men.

You can also use erotic underwear, erotic costumes, lubricants, toys. Just be aware that some of these things are out of people’s comfort zones.

Make sure you know what your guy likes before you dress up like a nun in a latex suit.

Men like to look

Visual stimulation is one of the things men really love. Therefore, for them the “doggy” pose is one of their favorites, and one of their sexual fantasies is to make love in a room with many mirrors.< /p>

If you’re feeling really brave, let your partner watch you while you masturbate in front of him. Don’t let him touch or kiss you during this time – it will make him extremely excited.

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