5 things that prevent you from becoming a true vegetarian

Many people practice some form of vegetarianism, but in most cases it is simply a matter of limiting the consumption of certain products.

Most vegetarians stop red meat and chicken but continue to eat eggs, dairy and fish.

The idea of ​​going full vegetarian may cross their mind, but something seems to hold them back or scare them away from the thought of living a life completely devoid of animal products.

Some enthusiasts do make their vegetarian dream come true, but many remain permanently trapped in fish, eggs and dairy products and cannot give them up completely.

When it comes to complete vegetarianism, many people say “it’s not worth it”, “it’s too hard” and “it’s crazy”.

But it is a fact that people who give up animal products have a number of benefits. Better health and longer life expectancy are some of them.

A number of scientists even claim that complete vegetarianism can reduce pain in some diseases, such as neuropathic pain in diabetics.

Here are 5 things that may be holding you back on your path to full vegetarianism.

1. Cheese and yellow cheese

This is the biggest stumbling block on the way to complete vegetarianism. The reason is very simple – cheese and cottage cheese taste great and are an integral part of making some of the tastiest pizzas and sandwiches.

However, everything is a matter of training. Very often, fatty and sugar-rich foods are preferred by the brain. Most likely you said to yourself “hey, how I’d like a juicy pizza with lots of cheese”, but surely few of you have thought “today I can’t get the thought of eating a lot of Brussels sprouts and broccoli”.< /p>

So before you take the first definitive steps into veganism, you need to be prepared not to give in to these urges.

If you abstain from cheese and yellow cheese for a few weeks, you will learn how to avoid these foods not only at home, but also when you are out.

You just have to change your habits. For example, every time you feel like eating cheese and cottage cheese, you can eat a large tablespoon of almond butter.

Every day it will get easier until one day you just don’t need cheese and curd anymore. And remember that you are not alone – millions of people around the world have chosen this way of eating and given up at least one thing they loved very much.

2. Society

There is no reason to lie to ourselves – restaurants that offer meat greatly outnumber those that offer vegetarian cuisine.

Some restaurants try to be trendy and offer everything, but in the end they just give you a plate of vegetables and think that’s enough.

To help you with this problem, we will give you a little hint – how about trying an Indian restaurant? What about Thai, Chinese and Japanese?

To get the protein your body needs proteins due to the rejection of meat consumption, you will need to focus on other things – order more beans, tofu, as well as foods that contain whole seeds.

When you go to visit you could just cook some bean dish or something and bring it there quite casually. The hosts will put it on the table and everyone will enjoy what you have prepared.

3. Family and Friends

One of the things that hold many people back from taking this path is the reaction of their loved ones and friends.

For example, a mother who constantly reminds you that animals are here to serve us as food or friends who tell you that you will be deprived of important nutrients. Don’t be angry with them – they are doing this out of consideration for you.

But on the other hand, just don’t pay attention to them, because they are most likely not informed at all about the composition of different foods, and you, as a true vegan, know from which food you will get what benefits.

Some people become vegetarians because they want to do something good for their health, but there are also many who want to become vegetarians simply because they love animals.

Discover your point of view and share it with your loved ones. Remember, what you eat is your choice andyou don’t owe anyone an explanation.

4. Sweets

Ice creams, biscuits, chocolates – they are all so tempting. But still, vegetarian or not, you should avoid them because they contain high amounts of sugar, butter and milk.

Recently, more and more chocolates and ice creams with milk substitutes have appeared. For example, many products use coconut milk, almond oil and the like.

However, be careful what the substitutes are – choose healthy and nutritious alternatives. Choose milk-free chocolate with a high cocoa content.

However, the best desserts are those that nature gives us – fruits. They’re everywhere, they’re diverse, they taste amazing, and they’re packed with nutrients.

5. The fear of soy

Let’s start with the fact that you consider soy harmful. It is actually not harmful – on the contrary, it is very useful. It contains many nutrients and whether it will be harmful or beneficial depends rather on the way of preparation.

For example, many recipes from Japanese cuisine contain soy and are extremely healthy at the same time. Properly prepared, soy is quite useful in a diet that aims to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Also, soy is said to have the property of acting prophylactically against certain types of cancer. On the other hand, if you don’t like soy, no one is forcing you to eat it.

However, it has recently been found that consumption of soy products is not recommended for men, as it stimulates the activity of the enzyme aromatase, which converts testosterone into the female sex hormone estrogen in the male body.

There are enough alternatives like whole grains, beans, lentils and tofu to get you the protein you need.

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