5 habits, thanks to which we will quickly get in shape

Ever feel like you’re trying to get in shape and doing your best, but your dream figure never appears in the mirror in front of you?

Yes, maybe almost all of us have been down this road. While it’s bad for your health to expect magical, high-speed results, exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand with some small details that can make you feel more satisfied with the results because they will slightly strengthen them.

Here are five habits that will help you get in shape faster and feel good about yourself:

1. Don’t be afraid to push yourself a little

While moderate exercise at a reasonable and even slow pace has its positives, the effect on the body will be far greater if you do your workout just a little more intense.

An accelerated heart rate, sweat, a little more movement – all this will help you get into your dream jeans faster and get rid of those annoying bacon. If your workout was effective, you’ll know it by the sweat and exhaustion after it’s over.

2. Include the whole body

Push-ups, sit-ups, squats and other exercises all combined in one workout will bring you much more benefits than if you only train certain muscle groups.< /p>

Complex exercises are more effective and will bring you more benefits in different real-life situations (for example, lifting heavy suitcases at the airport or lifting the child while you are with him on the playground).

3. Train the Different Muscle Groups

If you played any sport as a child, you may have noticed that your coach combined different types of exercises such as the standing jump, long jump, sprint or jump rope.

In this way, you will keep in good shape by training different muscle groups (as already mentioned) and you will be better prepared for your free time.

4. Set fitness goals

Even if your goal is just to lose 5-10 kilos and you don’t need anything else, your task will be much easier to achieve if you just try to do some personal record of yours.

It’s a good idea to do 100 reps of an exercise, then perfect a yoga pose and do it until it’s perfect. This way you will have an incentive and a goal, and this is important to get a passion for sports.

5. Want to find a way to lose weight faster? Then stop looking for excuses not to exercise.

Because if you don’t have the right equipment, or if there’s no gym near you, or if you only have 15 minutes of free time that are not excuses not to exercise.

You have no idea how quickly you’ll get into the habit of devoting 15 or 30 minutes to an intense workout and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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