5 tips to prevent dementia

Aluminum is one of the most common metals in our everyday life. Just think about your morning commute to work. You climb into your car, protected by its aluminum elements. Before you sip your morning coffee in an aluminum pot, you go to your desk to open the aluminum case of your laptop and check your mail. But all this exposure to aluminum comes with its own risks. Aluminum is a metal known as a neurotoxin that accumulates in the human body over time and contributes to Alzheimer’s disease as well as other neurodegenerative conditions.

In the latest issue of The Lancet, Chris Exley reveals outrageous facts about what he calls the aluminum age. He also provides several explanations for how aluminum leads to Alzheimer’s. The neurotoxic metal encourages proteins called amyloids to travel to the brain, which is the key to Alzheimer’s disease. This amyloid buildup can block signals between nerve cells or cause changes that destroy brain fibers.

Since aluminum is everywhere in our daily lives, it’s impossible to avoid it completely, but here are some steps you can take to significantly reduce your exposure to the neurotoxic metal, as well as some that will protect you from dementia.

1. Monitor your blood sugar levels

To keep it under control, eat fewer carbohydrates and consume more healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and seeds. If you’re craving meat, choose beef, turkey, or fish because they’re heart-healthy and rich in omega-3 fatty acids,, advises Dr. Perlmutter.< /p>

2. Do cardio

Physical activity also does a lot for the brain, says Douglas Sherry, director of the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience at Ohio University. He, like Perlmutter, advises a minimum of 20 minutes of cardio every day, whether you’re going for a walk in the park, going to the gym or simply pedaling the bike while watching TV, because doing so dramatically the risk of dementia decreases.

3. Protect your head

Even the mildest injuries to your head have their risks. Whether you hurt your head in a soccer game while riding a bike or in a car accident, always be careful because even the slightest scratch can sow the seeds of dementia. Even if it does not appear immediately, you will already be prone to this disease. Always wear a helmet when biking, rollerblading or skateboarding, Dr. Perlmutter says.

4. Silicon mineral water

Silicon neutralizes aluminum and is often used in medicine for patients with acute poisoning, as a result of excessive accumulation of aluminum in the body. A 2013 study proves that taking mineral water with silicon content cleanses the body of aluminum.

5. Lower your cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol levels, lowering them can reduce your risk of dementia. According to studies in which people were followed over a longer period of time, those who took cholesterol-lowering drugs also reduced their risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by about 70%, compared to those who did not. take action against their high cholesterol levels, Sherry says.

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