Why we are attracted to the opposite sex

If a naked woman stands in front of a man, where will he look first and why? What can you tell about a man just by looking at his hands? Why can a decent looking person be crazy? Why do women run their hands through their hair when they show sexual interest? The answers to all these questions might surprise you.

You’ll find out the answer to questions like who you’re dating, who you’re marrying, to how much money you have or what kind of friends you have, in just a few seconds. You hardly know, but the answers to all these questions are deeply hidden in the darkest parts of the human brain. There is a reason why sugar is sweet, a snarling beast is dangerous, etc., and it has absolutely nothing to do with whether you believe in God or not, nor does it have anything to do with your political beliefs and generally accepted norms in society.

Beauty is perhaps the most primal of all energies involved in evolution, it says in its own way: “I am in pretty good health and have good genes“. Whether beauty is in a blooming flower, a peacock’s tail, or just someone’s blue eyes, its primary purpose is to bring together the “ideal” partners.

According to a study in the journal “Neuropsychologia”, this primitive form of messages has an effect on the human subconscious. When volunteers were asked to judge the age of several beautiful women, their brain centers were activated, but when they were asked to judge the beauty of these women, their brain centers were significantly more stimulated. In other words, when you have to judge whether someone is beautiful, you don’t get as much pleasure as when you judge beauty on a subconscious level.

However we may try to fight and deny these instincts, we cannot change anything. Better to accept, acknowledge and manage them rather than ignore and deny them. Research published in journals such as “Psychological Science”, “Proceedings of Biology Science” and “Archives of Sexual Behaviors” has confirmed that women form a better first impression of someone if they notice facial symmetry strong>, good smell, balanced build, etc.

For men, features such as large breasts, a prominent jaw and a strong profile also attract attention. In fact, two studies reported in Behavior Brain Science and AMJ make it clear that the strength of an army can be determined by facial features alone.

According to the ranking of financial success of “Fortune 1000”, the top 25 places can be defined only by the facial features of their CEO.

But there is a difference between beauty and attractiveness. In the room, the person who is not the most symmetrical, who is also the best looking, is necessarily the most attractive. The most attractive is the one who exudes kindness and self-confidence in those 100 milliseconds it takes for the human brain to make a first impression.

According to a study by the University of Oregon, the influence of a woman who is perceived as beautiful is 50 percent, but for a woman who considers herself beautiful, it is about 70% more, just because she radiates self-confidence .

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