5 ways to strengthen the immune system

Our immune system protects us from infection and disease, which keeps us in good health.

Our body’s immune system functions properly when it destroys bacteria or other pathogens that enter our body and potentially cause disease or other organ damage.

Below is a list of 5 ways to strengthen and strengthen your immune system:

1. Eliminate sugar from your daily diet.

There are multiple ways to boost immune system function, but eliminating sugar from your daily diet is one of the first steps.

Sugar limits the action of immune cells, thus making the human body susceptible to diseases.

The recommended intake of sugar is 25 grams per day, and in one 500 ml bottle of Coca-Cola. contain about 60 g.

Most of us are aware that the modern diet is full of sweet things, such as croissants, waffles, milk chocolates, etc., which are staples for people with busy lifestyles .

2. Herbal teas

Most people start drinking herbal teas when they already feel sick. But some herbs are very useful as a preventative measure to boost immune function before illness occurs.

The following herbs are indicated as most suitable for this purpose when consumed in the form of tea: echinacea, elderberry, mint, green tea, ginger.

Teas from these plants, even in larger quantities, do not harm the human body and can be drunk throughout the day and before going to bed.

And for green tea there is scientific evidence from a study conducted in Japan that it extends life.

3. Green Vegetable Shakes and Juices

In order to provide a healthy dose of nutrients to the immune system, it is highly recommended that one consumes a vegetable shake or freshly squeezed juice at least once a day.

It is best if they consist of at least one green leafy vegetable /spinach, kale/ and one good source of vitamin C /orange juice, pineapple, green lemon/.

4. Don’t be afraid of germs

When the human body is exposed to infectious microorganisms, it gradually begins to build specific antibodies that destroy these pathogens, which also leads to an increase in the body’s overall immunity .

Precisely for this reason it is not recommended to use antibacterial soaps, gels and lotions.

Use regular soap and avoid antibacterial gels unless absolutely necessary.

Breathe the same air as other people, and don’t be afraid to touch the doorknob if you’ve really been feeling that way lately.

And for that matter, let the children play in the sand and don’t restrict them.

5. Eat Garlic

Garlic is an amazing andimmune-boosting food that should not be neglected.

The garlic:

has anti-cancer properties due to the rare element germanium it contains;

• Prevents and eliminates existing inflammation in the body;

• It also has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and prevents infections.

• It should not be thermally processed, as it loses most of its useful properties under the influence of high temperature.

If you can’t stand it, you can crush three cloves and mix them with honey, so you will feel its slightly burning taste at all.

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