6 benefits of whey protein

Whey is a nutrient-rich by-product of dairy production.

And although many people get confused, pure whey protein does not contain casein, which can cause allergies and is considered carcinogenic.

Widely known for its muscle building capacity, whey protein has many other positive health effects.

In fact, a large body of scientific research clearly shows that consuming whey protein is beneficial for the kidneys, intestines and liver as it nourishes the body and helps it to cleanse itself of toxins.

Researchers have found that whey helps reduce high blood pressure, protects against cancer and inflammation.

Here are 6 reasons to add whey protein to your healthy diet

1. Lowers blood pressure to optimal levels

A 2010 Washington State University study found that whey protein significantly reduces high blood pressure. According to the head of the team of scientists – Susan Fl├╝gel, this protein has no side effects, and it also reduces the risk of strokes and cardiovascular diseases.

2. It is beneficial for the cardiovascular system

Scientists suggest that whey protein has the same effect as blood-lowering drugs. This is because of the content of angiotensin-converting enzyme.

But unlike pharmaceuticals, whey protein has no negative side effects. What’s more, it reduces the stickiness of platelets and lowers the risk of thrombosis, which leads to heart attack and stroke.

In addition, researchers have found that consuming whey protein lowers bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol, and lowers triglycerides.

3. Protects against prostate cancer

A 2003 Ohio State University study found that treating the prostate with whey protein increased levels of glutathione, an antioxidant that suppresses cancer-causing agents, by 64 percent. cancer free radicals. Antioxidants also reduce the risk of inflammation and diseases.

4. Restores the digestive system

Whey protein favors the digestive system, especially if we suffer from a deficiency of enzymes and probiotics. Whey protein consumption suppresses harmful bacteria in the gut while supporting beneficial bacteria, regulates digestive function and reduces bloating and flatulence.

The lactic acid in whey helps stimulate optimal bowel function.

5. Improves bladder health

Whey protein stimulates urination and the release of waste and toxins, especially if one is prone to fluid retention.

This action helps to heal and prevent bladder infections. According to the latest data, bladder cancer is the ninth most common cancer in the world. Consumption of whey protein reduces the risk of cancer.

6. Whey is a natural diuretic

It supports healthy kidney function, and by stimulating urination, helps to dispose of excess salt that causes tissues to retain water.

This leads to swelling of the feet, ankles, hands, fingers, eyelids and even organs. Whey protein is rich in potassium, which is a natural enemy of salt.

At the same time, the cleansing of the body from it takes place without causing a mineral imbalance – the side effect of many chemical diuretics.

In addition, the kidneys are key to eliminating metabolic waste from the body, filtering the blood and removing waste through the urine.

Without this process, problems such as gout appear, manifesting as acute arthritis and pain in the big toe. Osteoarthritis, rheumatism, eczema and kidney problems can also occur from too much urea and other waste in the body. Whey helps to remove toxins through the kidneys.

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