6 harmful foods during pregnancy

After having healthy and full-term children, pregnant women should be careful about their healthy diet.

Specialists recommend during pregnancy foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

But there are also foods that expectant mothers should avoid at all costs.

1. Microwave Popcorn

Yes, they are delicious, but they are extremely harmful due to the fact that they are a semi-finished product cooked in a microwave oven.

What’s more, they are full of fat and cholesterol, which can damage your baby as well as yourself, permanently.

During the preparation process, fluorometers are released, dangerous compounds that are extremely harmful and various health associations around the world want to ban them en masse, because they claim that they are a “risk to society”.

2. Rice and rice products

The problem with rice is that it grows in the ground, and its roots are so strong that they suck up everything around them, including some very harmful substances. One of them is arsenic, which is known to be an extremely harmful to human health chemical.

Although most arsenic compounds are banned, they are still found in agriculture and animal husbandry and remain in the soil for an indefinite period of time. Thus, there is a danger that the rice crops will absorb these dangerous chemicals and pass them into our body after consumption.

3. Hot dogs, bacon and canned meat

The problem does not lie in the fact that they are high in calories, but in the way they are prepared. These products are fried, printed, etc., all processes associated with high temperature. When the temperature rises or when it comes to processed meats, nitrates are undoubtedly involved.

They are agents that are harmless in themselves, but after consumption, can turn into nitrites, which in turn form N-nitrosamines, known as many carcinogenic substances. These substances are usually associated by science with a variety of diseases, one of which is to stop the flow of oxygen in the blood, a disease that would be fatal in pregnancy.

4. Farmed salmon

We all know how good it is to eat fish. Especially during pregnancy, because the Omega-3 fats that fish contain are very useful for the baby. But there is also an essential difference, that there is a difference between wild fish and domesticated fish.

Especially in farmed salmon the levels of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) are about 8 times higher than in wild salmon. And this inevitably brings risks of cancer and neurological problems in the development of the baby.

5. Soy milk and tofu

Phytoestrogens in soy products have a mixed reputation: some say they can help soothe the effects of menopause, while others claim they are the root cause of dangerous hormonal problems.

Dr. Claude Hughes explains that these hormones affect the way the brain is organized, the way reproductive organs and cells develop, even the way immune function develops.

This is why it is good for mothers to avoid foods saturated with hormones because these agents are likely to alter the flow of biological processes in the baby.

6. Trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils)

Early research suggests that exposing the fetus to excessive levels of trans fats may have long-term consequences.

Such exposure can actually change the fatty acid composition of the brain, change the way our bodies respond to insulin, and also our appetite levels.

Eliminating trans fats means avoiding fast food, fried foods, margarine, pasta and other processed foods.

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