A few tips for more appetizing behinds

What could be more attractive than beautiful, tight and well-rounded female buttocks? Poetry is even sung and written about them.

But alas, age plays the role of a drastically restricting hoop that tightens right around the bottoms of ladies, and as they age, they are no longer so appetizing and attractive.

Why is this happening and how do you ladies deal with this problem? Keep reading down and we at Folkmedic.com will introduce you to some alternative ways to tighten your pelvis and get it back in shape!

What is the cause of this problem?

With age, fatty tissue atrophies, the skin becomes much less elastic, resulting in a bad appearance of the flanks, which they look limp and droopy.

In addition, cellulite also plays a detrimental role in this unfortunately unpleasant scenario.

After your 35th birthday, after every 10 years that have passed, a person loses about 5% of their muscle mass. Sounds really depressing huh?

Luckily, there is a way to get your thighs and butt back in shape so they look good again! It is by no means easy, but the result is worth the effort.

Start squatting

This is the most important exercise that affects your buttocks. Any exercise that aims to load the areas around the pelvis, buttocks and legs is created on the principle of squats.

Start squatting without weights at first and then, if it’s too easy for you, you can take a 2-5 kg ​​dumbbell in your hand and squat with it.

For maximum effectiveness, do this exercise at least 3 times a week. We recommend 4 sets of 8-12 repetitions, depending on your physical fitness. Of course, take breaks between sets of 1-3 minutes.

Walk on rough terrain

When you walk, jog or run in the gym, for optimal effect, set your treadmill so that it rises up and is practically like climbing a hill.

This will make the muscles around your buttocks stronger, stronger, toned and durable. Of course, the best option is to perform this workout several times a week in a real rugged area like a forest for example.

You will feel better and more toned there. It’s always better for your health to run outside than in a crowded gym!


Take an upright position and let both of your feet be in line. Take a breath and bend your body from the waist up. Slowly and smoothly until your head is between your legs. Do the exercise as often as you do squats.


Do you want to still look attractive to men when you put on leggings or tighter pants? Keep in mind that one year of a man’s life is spent looking at the rears of the women around him.

Start doing easy cross-country at first until you regain your stamina. Alternate 1 minute of running with 1 minute of brisk walking. So, in addition to tightening your butt, you will also burn a considerable amount of calories.

So if you want to get back in the game, you’re going to have to sweat, ladies!

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