6 reasons why exercise cannot trump nutrition

More people believe that regular physical activity, such as working out at the gym or doing some other kind of sport, will keep them in great shape and enjoy good health for many years.

But American health experts pointed out 6 arguments in favor of that playing sports cannot become an excuse for an improper diet.

1. You don’t do sports professionally

People who have turned their favorite sport into a profession undergo huge physical loads during training and competitions. They burn a huge amount of calories, which could justify the intake of not very healthy food.

For example, the diet of Michael Phelps, the best American swimmer, includes pizza, chocolates, omelets, pasta, and many other unhealthy foods. But Phelps usually trains 3 times a day and burns between 10 and 15 thousand kCal.

And most of us go 3 times a week to the gym or play football or volleyball, where we burn no more than 300 calories and that is why we should not allow ourselves cakes and pizzas.

2. You can’t achieve your best fitness with the wrong diet

To be able to change your fitness for the better and your body to get an athletic look and feel much better in your skin, you are required to undergo intense physical exertion.

But if you do not change your eating habits and eat incorrectly, your body will not be able to cope with these loads.

3. You feel a lack of enough energy to exercise

You should be aware that the diet that you think is healthy and which includes low-calorie foods and at the same time low in carbohydrates is actually harmful to exercise and also and the diet in which fatty foods predominate.

When you train, you should stick to a sports diet that provides enough nutrients for the body to cope with heavy physical loads as easily as possible.

4. You lose your desire to do sports

Due to improper nutrition, which may consist of consuming too much food or conversely not enough, you will lose your inner desire to exercise. Meanwhile, a properly selected food will psychologically set you up to engage in sports, as you will feel very energetic and the way to spend this energy will be training.

5. You will not be able to tighten your lagging or lagging muscle groups

If you want to tighten your abs or thighs by doing exercises in the gym, you will not achieve this goal if you take too much large amounts of high-calorie foods. Accordingly, the calories taken in with food cannot be burned and they accumulate in the form of fat.

6. You become susceptible to diseases or are very likely to get an injury

Diets that include low-calorie foods and fats increase the risk of injuries and the development of various diseases, health experts explicitly emphasize. The risk increases many times over if you subject your body to heavy physical loads for which it is not prepared.

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