6 ways to lose weight in 1 month

Is it possible to achieve weight loss results within a month? The truth is that it is quite possible. And how this can be done, you will see below.

1. Set realistic goals. Remember that losing weight too quickly and dropping too many pounds at once is risky and ineffective. Most fast diets only stress the body and teach it to work at a slow pace, so after the diet, the pounds start to literally fly up. In order to achieve real results, it is important to change your entire lifestyle. Healthy weight loss is no more than 1 kilogram per week. More weight can be lost only if you have a very serious degree of obesity, but overall it is not recommended. So you can expect about 4-5 kilos less at the end of the month. This is a realistic goal, but the results are hard to see at first.

2. Use a meter to know where you’re losing weight. Everyone has a different body type and not everyone loses weight the same way. It is good to check your chest, waist, hip and hip measurements once a week and record the data.

3. The point of a diet is to make some change in your lifestyle and maintain it over time. In general, all diets say: less carbohydrates, more protein, less salt, more fruits and vegetables , more water. If you consult a doctor he can tell you which is the best way for you according to your health condition and how to include more physical activity in your regime. In general, to lose weight by one kilogram, you need to deprive your body of 3500 calories. That is, if you eat about 350 calories less per day for 10 days, you can expect to lose one kilogram when you step on the scale. The best way to do this is not to starve, but simply to focus on low-calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables, which are also quite nutritious at the same time. Don’t completely deprive yourself of your favorite foods, just eat less.

4. Pay attention to what time you are most likely to overeat. If you are a midnight snacker, keep something low-calorie, such as bananas, on hand and eat them. Avoid anything higher in calories in the evening, because energy expenditure during sleep is significantly reduced.

5. It has been proven that if there are no harmful foods in your house, the chance of going out specifically to buy them is very small, so don’t buy them in advance.

6. Allow yourself from time to time to snack on more harmful, heavy and high-calorie foods. This way you will not fall into a frenzy of hunger for sweets, for example. Just have measure. Once a week is quite enough.

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