5 pounds less with 7 simple diet changes

It is always difficult to take the first step towards losing weight. We offer you a few rules, the implementation of which is very simple and is a very good start in changing your lifestyle. If you follow them, you can lose about 4-5 kilograms without drastic changes in your diet.

1. Replace fizzy drinks and juices from the store with freshly squeezed fruit juices. You can drink freshly squeezed fruit juice with every meal of the day, and it’s even better if you eat a whole fruit instead of juice. Whole fruits contain fiber, which slows down the digestion process, so you’ll feel hungry more slowly.

2. Replace margarine and butter with vegetable oils such as olive oil. Margarine is considered particularly dangerous. It is associated with a number of health problems including overweight, cancer and cardiovascular disease. It is made from trans fats, which have the property of accumulating very easily in the body.

3. Replace chips and fries with baked and boiled potatoes. You will see that you will not miss the caloric foods at all. Baked potatoes can be incredibly tasty if you season them with aromatic herbs, and boiled potatoes are a great addition when eating delicious seafood. You could also flavor the mashed boiled potatoes with spring onions. All this is much tastier and more useful than fried potatoes.

4. Replace refined white bread with whole grain bread. It has the same caloric content, but is many times more useful and filling and will keep you in shape for hours after you have eaten.

5. Prefer mixed salads with different vegetables to those that contain only one type of vegetable. For example, a salad that contains tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables is much more healthy than one that contains only lettuce. In addition, mixed salads will fill you up several times better than those with one type of vegetable.

6. Chicken meat is very healthy, but more and more often we are flooded with ads for fried chicken, fried wings or drumsticks. Forget about them. Bet on the chicken when it is boiled (for example, chicken soup) or roasted. Be sure to remove the skin from the chicken. Remove after baking and before eating. This will save you a lot of unnecessary calories.

7. You probably constantly hear how good fish is. But remember – baked, not fried. Fried fish is harmful and high in calories. It contains so many calories that all your efforts to eat healthy are meaningless.

If you make these and some other small changes in your lifestyle, you can see very good results.

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