6 Weird But True Tips For Good Health

Many of the methods to improve our health are well known to us: to lose weight eat less and exercise more; to increase your energy you need more sleep; to prevent dehydration, drink more water. But nevertheless, the following six tips definitely work and can be of use to you.

1. Drink coffee to get better sleep

In a Japanese study that investigated how to get the most out of sleep, the results showed that people who took about 200 milligrams of caffeine and immediately took a break , show better results on computer tests than those who do not take caffeine.

Why is this happening? Because the 20-minute break taken after taking caffeine cleanses the brain of a molecule called adenosine and thus increases our energy.

“Adenosine is a byproduct of activity,” says Dr. Tulfite, MD, medical director at New York Neurology & Sleep Medicine. “As adenosine builds up in the body, we become more tired,” adds Dr. Tulfite.

2. For healthy teeth, don’t brush them after eating

“Do not brush your teeth immediately after eating, especially if you have eaten something sour, because during brushing, the effect of “wet sandstone” and thus waste your tooth enamel“. That’s what Dr. Howard Gamble, president of the Academy of General Dentistry, advises.

3. To wear a smaller size, gain weight

“The reason for this is that the volume of a kilogram of fat and a kilogram of muscle is drastically different. So a man who weighs 90 kilograms and works out can easily carry -smaller than a man who weighs 80 pounds and doesn’t exercise,” says Mark Brane, a fitness instructor at SACO Sport & Fitness in Saco, Maine.

4. To eat less, eat more

“If you eat a snack that contains 100 calories, you will not be full – on the contrary. Carbohydrates will irritate your appetite and make you even hungrier. It is always better go for protein. Protein is higher in calories but breaks down more slowly and will keep you fuller for longer, so you’ll actually eat less,” advises Amy Goodson, a nutritionist at Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine in Texas.

5. Avoid energy drinks when you are tired

Energy drinks contain up to 5 times more caffeine than coffee, and the effects that come from them are not only positive. As a result, you often become irritable, nervous and make your heart beat faster. In addition, energy drinks contain high levels of taurine, which is known as a stimulant, and these drinks are also extremely high in sugar. This way you develop a dependency on the residual sugar and taurine and all you want is to have another drink.

6. Drink hot drinks when you want to cool down

Have you ever wondered about the Bedouins? How do they keep drinking teas in the scorching heat? This is a good method of cooling the body, although we do the exact opposite – when the body is overheated and we want to cool down, we often drink coke, beer, etc. As a result, the body immediately senses the change from warm to cold and does its best to raise its temperature again. Because of this, we continue to sweat and feel hot, even though we have drained a whole glass of cold non-alcoholic.

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