Oral hygiene of babies and children

Brushing teeth is one of the most important hygiene habits of each of us. Maintaining proper oral hygiene prevents the occurrence of serious problems in our mouth. Taking care of our teeth provides comfort and a beautiful and healthy smile.

Parents are aware of how important it is to observe oral hygiene and they are shouldering the difficult task of raising it in their children. This is not an easy task and you need to arm yourself with a lot of patience.
Even before the sprouting of the first teeth, it is necessary to clean the gums with gauze soaked in oxygenated water or simply boiled. This is done in order to remove the remains of breast milk or puree and to prevent the formation of fungus in the oral cavity.

Experts advise taking your baby to the dentist even before teething, so that you are well aware of the care you will provide for him. Teeth start to grow at different times, but by the second year and a half your child will have the full number of baby teeth, namely 20.

When choosing paste and brush for your child, carefully read their purpose. The label mentions what age group they are suitable for. Especially when it comes to babies, because they don’t yet have the reflex to spit out the pasta, they swallow it.

Oral hygiene products are adapted to the age of children and you don’t have to worry that your little one has “eaten” a bit of the paste. The amount you need to use is very little. No bigger than a pea.

All pastes contain fluoride. For us adults it’s not a problem, at least because we don’t ingest it. However, there is a great risk for children because it is toxic.

The amount of 300-500 mg/kg should not be exceeded. You parents, very carefully observe this amount on the labels.

Toothpastes intended for children with very pleasant aromas and tastes. This is a very successful trick to train the little mischievous ones to brush their teeth regularly. Initially, the mother or father should do these actions for their baby.

Older children like to imitate their parents, so take advantage of this and brush your teeth together. So, on the one hand, you will observe whether the little one is doing well, and on the other hand, you will show him that this is a mandatory process every day.

The toothbrush should be adapted to the age of your child. It has a smaller head to reach the innermost places of the oral cavity. Change it regularly at least every three months.

You can make a good choice by using the Faberlic brand. Their brushes are colorful and fun with high quality bristles.

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