7 mistakes we make with our health

Your day is just beginning, but your health is already at risk.

The worst thing is that you don’t even notice the mistakes you are making.

They happen unintentionally and many times we don’t even feel that we allow them. Here are the most common health mistakes people make.

1. Touching the face

Most people touch their faces nearly 4 times an hour. Our hands harbor tens of bacteria. And by touching our face, we contaminate the skin with thousands of germs.

This increases the risk of developing various infections, inflammations and skin diseases.

Doctors warn that frequently touching the face and rubbing the skin can lead to a particular type of acne. It is caused by the clogging of the pores.

2. Sitting in a chair for too long

Sitting in a chair for too long is very harmful to health. This increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, stroke and even heart disease.

Being too sedentary affects health, even if we exercise regularly. The best way to deal with this is to stand up and walk around every 20-30 minutes of sitting.

People with professions related to computer work, industries where the hands are busy, dentists, musicians, etc., should be especially careful about excessive sitting.

3.Spending too much time on social media

Wasting time on Facebook and other social media can affect your relationship. Those who frequently use social media may find a love connection on the Internet, and this hypothesis causes jealousy between partners.

Another problem with excessive use of social networks is the development of an inferiority complex after looking at pictures of our friends from luxury resorts or their social achievements. Ultimately, it leads to low self-esteem and social isolation.

4. Eating at the desk

People who eat their lunch while working consume many more calories daily. This is because their attention is not focused on food and satiety, but on work.

So it is better for your health if you refrain from doing other tasks while eating. While eating lunch, focus on the food.

5. Rubbing the eyes

Rubbing the eyes is associated with the risk of developing a disease called keratoconus. This is a permanent thinning and weakening of the cornea.

As a result, you get vision loss that cannot be corrected. If you wear contact lenses, the friction can damage them and cause damage to the cornea or just make your vision worse.

6. Chaos at work

Chaos at your desk can easily affect your health. A well-organized environment is believed to help you be more efficient and make better decisions in the workplace.

7. Ignoring Urges to Urinate

One should never ignore the calls of nature. Sometimes we have to refrain from urinating, but if this becomes a frequent practice, it can lead to urinary tract and bladder infections, as well as other serious problems.

The muscles involved in bladder control weaken and this can even lead to incontinence.

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