7 negative health consequences of watching movies in 3D format

Watching movies in HD quality is not something new for most of us and this is because the cinema masterpieces in 3D format are becoming more and more popular especially among children and especially among teenagers.< /p>

The growth rates of their popularity are directly related to their unusual format and the fact that they are accessible to almost everyone. Downloading a 3D movie for free from the Internet will not be difficult even for a 6-year-old child.

He just needs to enter the corresponding title of the production he wants to watch in one of the popular search engines. The only thing to check before downloading the preferred file is its quality and possibly its size.

If films in 3D format maintain the growth rates of their popularity, then all cinema productions will soon be exclusively in this format. But the more popular such films become, the more experts are becoming interested in them, and they recently made several statements warning that 3D has an adverse effect on health.

Is it worth investigating whether this claim is true?

What is this movie in 3D format?

It should not be unequivocally declared that cinema productions in 3D format affect human health, but it should not be denied either. It all depends on how well it is made or reproduced.

Actually, 3D movies are an illusion. This is because a personsees 2 flat images and his eyes combine them into one.

Merging the images represents an additional burden on the visual analyzer and the nervous system. And those who like to watch such cinema productions may feel a certain discomfort.

What are the factors affecting human health?

1. Since Bulgaria has not introduced a mandatory licensing regime for cinemas, films in 3D format are played on a conventional cinema projection device, which reduces the brightness of stereo images by 4 times, and faded images are much more tiring for the eyes.

2. If you are watching a 3D movie at home that you have downloaded from the Internet, you should be careful about the quality of the equipment you have, especially the 3D glasses.

3. The hearing aid can also be affected. The so-called surround sound contains a large amount of very low and very high tones.
When watching movies in this format, you should be especially careful when choosing the 3D glasses.

They should be:

1. Objectives, as any scratch distorts the image and causes eye fatigue;
2. Fit your size;
3. From a proven manufacturer that guarantees their quality;< /p>

For whom watching 3D movies is contraindicated:

• For those suffering from vegetovascular dystonia;
• For those with disorders of the vestibular apparatus;< br/> • Children of preschool age;
• People with impaired binocular vision;
• People with nearsightedness or farsightedness /+3 and -3/

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