7 reasons why wearing a thong is not desirable

Thong underwear is believed to be harmful to the body for several reasons. And it is for this reason that many women support the idea of ​​wearing standard-shaped underwear.

What do they use to justify their opinion?

1. Risk of infection

According to gynecologists, this is the main reason why it is not recommended for women to wear thongs. These panties, due to their small size, can cause fungus to penetrate from the anus to the vagina and thus cause a fungal infection.

The most common cause of this disease is the fungus candida, which inhabits the intestines of most people, with the largest population being among people who prefer sweet foods. The fungal infection is known as thrush.

2. They do not provide sufficient protection

There is another warning to doctors related to this. They point out that women who like to wear thongs are more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids and anal fissures. And separately, this type of underwear reduces blood flow to the vaginal area of ​​the female body.

3. Not reliable

Slings sometimes leave streaks on behinds. And especially if the woman is rounder, these lines look extremely ugly on the stomach or waist. And when wearing underwear with a normal shape, they would not appear.

4. They irritate the skin

The thong is smaller than the rest of the underwear and because of this they cannot “attach” well to the body and can slip on the skin and cause discomfort especially if worn with jeans. The elastics of this underwear can “sink” deep into the skin between the thighs and thus become the cause of its irritation and chafing.

And this area of ​​the body, as is known, is the most delicate part of the female body. If you have been wearing a thong before and have not experienced such discomfort, you can continue to do so, without worrying. But this underwear is absolutely contraindicated for women who suffer from hemorrhoids, thrush or infections of the the genitals.

5. They are visible from others

Of course, thongs are an optimal option for under a beach dress or translucent skirt. But if you wear a shorter top that reaches just above the waist, thongs can easily be seen by anyone.

It’s also possible if you’re wearing a skirt, a sudden gust of wind will blow it up and if you’re in public everyone will see your behind. This is not desirable if you have chosen to put on inappropriate thongs.

6. They create conditions for the rapid reproduction of some pathogenic bacteria

If you play sports or lead an active lifestyle, it is advisable to refrain from wearing thongs. Sweat, high humidity and friction – these are the best conditions for bacteria to multiply. To avoid this, it is best to choose cotton underwear for training.

Despite doctors’ advice, some women still ignore these health risks associated with wearing thongs.

7. They are unhygienic

Due to the fact that they tightly adhere to the anal area and the vagina, they can become the cause of the appearance of unpleasant odors, which your partner would certainly not like if he suddenly wanted to be intimate with you.

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