7 strategies to melt fat in 6 weeks

No person with a perfectly athletic body and well-defined plates was born like this. It is something that takes effort and like all good things takes time and effort to build. With this 10-step program, you will get rid of excess fat in time, and just in time for summer, you will shine with those coveted six-pack abs.

You probably already know that even if you work out every day, you won’t be able to see belly fat if it’s covered with fat. And this is exactly the biggest problem of most guys. A good body is made in the gym, but the results are visible after you pay attention to the kitchen.

Strategy 1:

Cut carbs in half. So even if you eat normally, your body will be forced to turn to its fat reserves for energy. This has another advantage. By reducing carbohydrates, your body will become more sensitive to insulin and thus reduce appetite, and the energy from food will be used more fully. Cut the bread in half, reduce the rice and pasta also by about 50%. Fill the void with vegetables. It’s very simple and just as filling. Keep this regime for 4 days, then start eating normally, because there is a risk that your body will become stressed and start to accumulate fat. In addition, you can stop carbohydrates in the evening – not for 4 days, but permanently. In this case, your body will be able to burn fat while you sleep.

Strategy 2:

You don’t need to overdo your cardio, but incorporate it a little at a time so that fat burning and metabolic rate can be stimulated. Combine cardio with weight lifting at the gym. So the result will be excellent. Remember that if you eat right and healthy you don’t have to wreck yourself from training. Two 30-minute workouts per week are more than enough.

Strategy 3:

Increase protein. Once you’ve cut back on carbs, the body starts looking for other sources of energy and turns to muscle. So feel free to include more lean, lean chicken and more fish. Eat at least 50 grams more protein per day.

Strategy 4:

Look for ways to include a reasonable amount of caffeine in your diet – green tea, coffee, and more. Caffeine speeds up the metabolism and makes fat storage less efficient.

Strategy 5:

Choose one day each week to eat almost no carbs. Doing this every day will stress your body out, but for one day of the week no problem.

Strategy 6:

Eat many times a day in small amounts. This has been proven to be a very good strategy for boosting metabolism. This way, the results will come faster than you expected.

Strategy 7:

Increase the pace of your workouts. After several weeks of training at a moderate pace, it’s finally time to increase the pace. You can also include a few kilometers of walking per day. Any extra movement means fat burned.

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