7 terrible insults that children never forgive their parents

Unfortunately, the worst insults are often inflicted on us by those closest to us. According to psychologists, children do not forget most of their parents’ insults for the rest of their lives.

But what are children most often offended about?

Unwillingness to consider the child’s opinion

The most common reason for resentment of grown-up children towards their parents – incompetence or unwillingness to consider the child’s opinion, disrespectful attitude, contemptuous and humiliating remarks.

“You never know what you want!”


Nothing “hurts” as much as an unfair judgment or decision of a loved one. Unfortunately, parents often unfairly condemn their children for their actions, even when they did not commit them. Such resentment towards parents can be stored in the mind of an already grown child for the rest of his life.


What most children can never forget is the betrayal of a loved one – a parent or relative.

A broken promise, revealing the child’s innermost secrets to other people, preferring other people’s interests to his – such actions of a close adultk have a strong negative impact on the child and his attitude towards his own parents.


“Do what you want, I don’t care” – such a parental attitude offends children no less than constant prohibitions and punishments. The indifferent, neglectful attitude of parents towards their own child can become the cause of severe psychological trauma that will leave an imprint on his entire future life.

Comparison with other children

Parents hurt their children’s psyche the most by comparing them with their brothers, sisters or friends. Especially if the comparison is not in favor of the child whose qualities are being compared.

The lie

Very often parents deceive their children with the best intentions – to hide from them some unpleasant and sad facts or to protect them from traumatic events that happened or from extremely alarming information has emerged.

However, such a lie, even with the best intentions, can later become the cause of serious resentment of the child in relation to the parents.

“I don’t believe in you!”

Quite often parents, even those who love their children very much, make a huge mistake by constantly demonstrating that they do not believe in the possibilities of their offspring.< /p>

Leave it, I’ll do better!”, “Nothing works out with you!”, “Who needs such an incompetent person like you!” – similar statements of parents can forever remain in the mind of the child, as well as seriously affect his development and even prevent him from achieving success.

The reasons why a child feels insulted towards parents can be extremely numerous.

Some insults are forgotten very quickly without leaving any trace. But some of them are remembered for a very long time, it is even quite possible for the rest of their lives.

And they can become the cause of constant conflicts between parents and children. Therefore, it is very important that parents try to anticipate how their actions, emotions and words, or lack thereof, could affect seriously on the child’s life and cause him to feel resentment towards them for many years.

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