7 useful but harmful foods for teeth

Everywhere we talk about the beneficial properties of certain foods, but nowhere is it indicated how they affect the condition of the teeth.

We must keep in mind that not only caffeine, coffee or red wine, but all foods that contain acids can harm our beautiful smile. They destroy the enamel, after which the teeth begin to react to heat and cold, which would cause us discomfort.

1. Raspberries – these fruits, as well as the others with a dark and red color, have acids and dyes in their composition that color the protective enamel. For this reason, raspberries should be consumed with special care by people with damaged enamel.

2. Dried fruits – their adverse effect is due to the fact that after their use, part of them remains between and on the teeth. And this wouldn’t be a problem if the dried fruit residue didn’t act as an acid. But that’s not all, as they can also cause mechanical damage to the teeth.

3. Pineapple – the regular consumption of this fruit in most people contributes to the serious destruction of teeth. But not only the pineapple is harmful, but the juice from it. And this harmful effect is due to the large amount of acids contained in this fruit.

4. Orange – the fruit that is necessary during the treatment of colds and especially in the current winter season. In addition, oranges are a mandatory part of any weight loss diet, their consumption helps to strengthen the immune system, but they are very harmful to tooth enamel.

In these fruits, and more specifically in his acids are so strong that they literally wash away the natural coating of the tooth. It is a proven fact that orange juice lowers the density of enamel by 84%, and this is the reason for the formation of caries.

5. Pickled foods – their preparation requires an acid, most often vinegar. But dentists were able to prove that eating such foods more than once a day inevitably leads to dental problems.

6. Dressing – today, acetic or acid is added to the composition of most sauces, mayonnaise and dressings, which have a very adverse effect on the condition of the teeth and, above all, on the integrity of the enamel.

And soy sauce contributes to the staining of the teeth, just like coffee. Therefore, it is not advisable to overdo it with these foods, although foods are strongly said, because they are rather an addition to meals.

7. Marinara sauce and ketchup– all sauces that are made from tomatoes stain the teeth. Not only because of its bright color, but because of the excessive acid content. But most of the foods from this group are useful for the health of our body as a whole, and therefore we should not give them up, but use them in moderation.

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