7 useful properties of bacon

Animal fats in the body are deposited under the skin around the kidneys. Bacon with onions is one of the symbols of Bulgarian cuisine and can be eaten salted, smoked, baked and even boiled.

Most people think it is harmful to health. But it is not the bacon itself that is important but its quantity. If you eat a piece of it on an empty stomach, you will feel full very quickly.

This way you won’t overeat and you’ll be able to maintain your weight and shape, even in the winter months. Diets that also include a moderate consumption of bacon have recently gained popularity.

1. This food is very caloric, so it should be eaten carefully and in moderation. It also contains many vitamins and minerals. In addition, it cannot be radioactive or contain carcinogens.

It is necessary to be consumed in winter, when the risk of contracting SARS and influenza is greatest. Some scientists even recommend eating bacon every day, especially if one suffers from cardiovascular disease.

2. Bacon is a very good source of essential fatty acids omega-3 and 6, which help to build cells and the synthesis of hormones. And with regular consumption, the removal of toxins from the body is accelerated.

3. Bacon contains selenium, which has strong antioxidant properties, and most people do not manage to get enough of this trace element through their diet. The mineral is needed in larger quantities by athletes, nursing mothers, pregnant women and those who smoke.

4. Bacon is also necessary for diseases of the lungs. This amazing animal food even helps to remove heavy metals from the body, cleans blood vessels, paralyzes worms in case of parasitic infection and is an excellent choleretic agent. Regular consumption of bacon increases vitality and immunity.

5. Most nutritionists agree that bacon should be eaten with raw vegetables on a salad with added oil and natural wine vinegar, which is a natural antioxidant. And it has also been found to be extremely beneficial when using alcohol, as it significantly slows down the onset of alcohol intoxication.

6. As a light snack during the working day, bacon effectively relieves hunger and is an excellent remedy for joints. If you don’t have painkillers at hand and your knee or elbow hurts, you can apply a piece of bacon to the affected area, but necessarily salty, and after a few hours your painful sensations should subside.

7. It also helps with sick teeth. Cut bacon and garlic and apply them to the affected tooth and if there is pus it will be absorbed and the inflammatory process will not continue progressed.

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