8 bad habits that damage your back

Suffering from mysterious back pain and can’t figure out what’s causing it?

The causes of your pain can be complex, from the way you spend your day at the office, to the food you eat, to the type of mattress you sleep on.

Regular sports are also important for good back health. But people rarely realize that back pain is due to harmful habits built up over the years, which directly affect the condition of the spine.

Here are the eight most common bad habits that damage the back.

You are sleeping on an old mattress

A quality mattress lasts 9-10 years. When was the last time you changed yours? Think about whether the old mattress is not the cause of your troubles.

Get a mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard. It is best with memory foam – it keeps the spine in a perfectly even position.

You are carrying a heavy bag

The back feels best if you are carrying a heavy bag – whether it is professional photographers who carry a heavy camera and lenses in their bag, or women who are fans of bulky handbags .

A heavy bag on one shoulder crooks the back and disturbs the balance. It is better to carry a light bag – its weight should not exceed 10% of your own weight. If you need to carry additional luggage, pack it separately and carry it with the other hand for balance.

You are wearing high heel shoes

The high platform of the shoes causes the foot to deviate backwards, creating strain on the joints and spine. A completely flat shoe is also harmful. The rule is that women wear shoes with a five-centimeter heel.

You’re mean-spirited and mean-spirited

Still mad at your co-worker who made fun of your new haircut? Your back may suffer from holding onto the insult.

Researchers have proven that those who rarely experience malice, resentment and sadness also experience pain less often. Insults torment us not only emotionally, but also physically.

Start by trying to forgive minor offenses, encourage positive thoughts, and find reasons for forgiveness.

You sit all day

Working at a desk in a cozy office is nice, but it is also harmful. If you can, work on your posture to reduce back strain by 40%.

The other option is to work leaning back in the chair at an angle of 135 degrees to reduce strain on the spine.

Make sure the head is not tilted forward when working on the computer. It is good that the monitor is at your eye level.

You experience things emotionally

Your body experiences stress along with you – back muscles and neck suffer. The longer you are under stress, the more the muscles are in a state of spasm, which leads to pain.

There are already many ways to deal with stress – physical exercise, meditation or a hot bath. Choose according to your taste.

You miss sports

Physical exercises are important for the good condition of the back muscles. If he is not trained, it will be difficult for him to support the weight of the body and thus it will lead to disabilities.

Exercise your back and stomach muscles. Moderate cardio training, pilates and strength exercises work perfectly.

Eat junk food

It is not news that high-calorie, low-nutrition food leads to fat accumulation. And excess weight also means excess load on the back.

Low back pain also occurs, and obese people are more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis. You will feel much better if you just lose 5-10% of your current weight.

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