9 things not to eat before sex

Do you want the romantic evening to smoothly turn into a passionate night?

For this purpose, you need to carefully consider the menu. It turns out that there are foods that can significantly decrease or increase sex drive.

Here’s what you should avoid before a night of love.

Hot Dog

This ubiquitous snack can ruin your evening. Hot dogs contain a huge amount of saturated fat, which difficults blood flow in the arteries of the penis and vagina.

In this way, the occurrence of agitation is prevented. If you want to eat before, try fish. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which favor blood vessels, increasing libido.

Mint Gum

Want to freshen your breath before a date? It’s a huge mistake to take peppermint gum.

The menthol contained in it lowers the level of testosterone and decreases libido. it is better to brew mint tea, it does not affect the level of testosterone so badly.


If you are planning an interesting continuation of the evening, give up the gin and tonic. Carbonated drinks swell the stomach and lead to flatulence. The quinine contained in the tonic temporarily reduces the level of testosterone and even the amount of sperm!

Better drink unsweetened tea – it improves mood and has a beneficial effect on blood circulation.


Did he invite you to eat at a fast food restaurant? Refuse! Trans fats contained in French fries negatively affect testosterone levels and blood circulation in the genitals.

High salt intake can lead to erectile problems in men with high blood pressure. Better eat baked potatoes that trigger the release of dopamine. It, in turn, improves the mood.


Give up the tofu, at least for tonight. Soy products are rich in phytoestrogens, which lower the relative concentration of testosterone responsible for sex.

Replace the tofu with two eggs, which contain vitamins B5 and B6 – this way you will relieve stress and increase your libido.

Canned food

Alas, a canned dinner can quickly put an end to a night of passion. The reason is that all canned goods contain a lot of salt, which leads to swelling and bloating of the stomach.

If you only have canned goods in the fridge, at least try not to eat their sauce. Pour it out and rinse the contents with water – for example beans.

A bottle of wine

Do not drink alcohol before sex because it lowers the sensitivity of the body and weakens the power of orgasm. In addition, sober men better manage their erection. Try to limit yourself to just a small drink or a glass of wine.


Without a doubt, a cup of oatmeal for breakfast has a number of beneficial effects. They stimulate the formation of serotonin, which improves mood and, in moderate amounts, increases libido.

But at the same time, a few servings of oatmeal have the opposite effect – they reduce the desire and create a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. So be moderate.

Energy Drinks

Don’t think that energy drinks will give you the power to get you through a long and stormy night. Unfortunately, the high amount of sugar in combination with caffeine leads to a rapid loss of energy, which turns into fatigue.

In other words, you simply won’t be able to finish what you start. Drink pure water, which will invigorate you and prevent the unpleasant effects of other unhealthy foods.

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