8 ways to beat headaches

There are many reasons that cause a headache. Among them are sudden changes in the way of eating or daily schedule.

It is affected by stress, long working hours, too little or too much sleep, skipping meals, prolonged use of the computer.

Headache can lead to excruciating pain, nausea and sometimes vomiting.

There are many headache medications on the market, but they all have potential side effects, mainly disrupting bowel function.

Instead of relying on quick fixes with medication, try some of these natural, natural methods that have been proven even for migraines.

1. Water

Many people don’t realize that the most common cause of headaches is dehydration. If our body lacks enough fluids, we don’t necessarily feel thirsty – often the main symptom of dehydration is a headache. Most adults need 2 to 5 liters of water per day, depending on height, weight and lifestyle.

You will easily find out if the cause of the headache is dehydration – if you drink a lot of water, relief comes quickly. At the first sign of a headache drink water and continue to take small sips throughout the day.

It is absolutely not recommended to drink caffeinated beverages if you have a headache, as they dehydrate the body.

2. Massage

Lightly massaging the scalp, neck and earlobes can distract you from pain, improve circulation and relieve tension.

Place your fingers on your temples and move them in a circle. Scalp massage is best done in the bathroom while shampooing your hair. If you prefer the dry version, pour a little coconut or argan oil on your fingers and rub into the scalp.

Ask someone else to massage your neck and back, focusing on the back of your head. This immediately relieves the tension.

A gentle massage of the upper part of the nose helps relieve sinus and migraine symptoms.
Massage of the soft part of the hand between the index finger and thumb works on the blood vessels in the head.

3. A bag of ice

Using ice for a cold compress on the forehead can provide quick relief from a headache. For a cold compress, instead of ice, you can also use a cold washcloth for 10 minutes, then submerge it again in ice-cold water. This is repeated until you get some relief. If you don’t have ice on hand, take out a package of frozen vegetables from the freezer.

A cold compress helps blood vessels to constrict, thus improving blood circulation and relieving pain. This method works if the cause of the headache comes from the sinuses, or is due to stress.

4. Relaxation techniques

People around the world use various tricks to distract themselves from pain. These include meditation, prayer, deep breathing, visualization, or simply trying to calm down.

5. Warm water

Heating the back of the head with a hot water bag can relieve headaches caused by stress. This is how tense muscles are calmed down and we get rid of the throbbing pain. In parallel, you can take a hot shower.

Another option is to fill a bowl with tolerably hot water and stick your hands in it for ten to fifteen minutes. This improves blood circulation and relieves headaches. For those who suffer from chronic headaches, it is recommended to keep their feet in warm water for ten minutes before going to bed.

6. Lemon

Lemon is a very effective and powerful headache remedy. Add some lemon juice to a glass of warm water and it will reduce the intensity of the headache. This home remedy is helpful when the headache is caused by gas in the stomach.

Another option is to apply lemon peel paste on your forehead to get instant relief. It is also good to drink warm lemon tea 3-4 times a day.

7. Vratiga

It can be taken in capsule or tablet form, as a tea, or even eaten in a sandwich as it has a bitter taste. For centuries, people have relied on tansy, so it’s worth a try.

No serious side effects have been found, although it may cause tongue inflammation, mouth ulcers, nausea, digestive problems and bloating. Long-term use of tansy may disrupt sleep.

8. Indian pepper leaves

Pepper leaves are known for their analgesic and cooling properties. They can help get rid of your headache within minutes. For this, take 2-3 fresh Indian pepper leaves and grind them into a fine paste.

Anoint your forehead and both sides of your head for half an hour. You will soon feel serious relief. You can also chew one or two Indian pepper leaves to cure headaches.

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