8 ways to relieve panic disorder without medication

Many people try to overcome panic disorder, but the idea of ​​using medication scares them.

And medications don’t cure, they only suppress existing symptoms and thus help the healing process and accompanying therapy, like a crutch that doesn’t heal a broken leg, but helps you move and perform your routine activities until you recover.

However, it is your doctor who will decide whether you need medication or not. But if you want to make progress apart from treatment, here are our tips.

1. Meditation

Meditation is only effective if you practice it regularly. With daily practice once or twice, after a few months you will feel that you have imperceptibly become more relaxed and calm.

Panic attacks will no longer scare you so much and you will take them more calmly. Once you learn to accept them calmly and simply wait for them to pass without resisting them, you will gradually see how the panic attacks dissolve in you and do not have their former power.

Meditation will help you not to be afraid of the appearance of new attacks. If they happen, they happen. You will take this in stride, knowing that everything will be fine and it will pass soon. Without resisting, you will wait for them to leave. And very soon one day they will simply disappear.

2. Sports

Sports will make your body stronger, your nervous system more stable, and regular activities will shape your figure so that your self-esteem will visibly improve.

Since panic attacks arise from imbalances in the body, lifestyle, nervous system, repressed memories and complexes, sports will give you liberation through greater physical and mental strength.

You will learn to trust your well-trained body more, and as you let go of control, panic attacks will gradually subside.

Of course, exercise isn’t a panacea for panic attacks, but it will certainly make you more relaxed and less of a control freak, which will make panic attacks fewer, milder, and more likely to subside. .

3. Yoga

Many people complain that despite being actively involved in sports, their panic attacks do not go away, or at least not completely. Although sports have many beneficial effects on people with panic disorder, sports alone cannot always help you get rid of panic attacks completely.

If this is your case, try to include yoga classes as well. It offers both a workout for the body and the soul. Yoga is a combination of gymnastics and a relaxation technique. It relaxes the nervous system and muscles, calms breathing and relieves the body of tension. Apart from panic attacks, yoga has a strong effect if you also suffer from depression.

4. Give up your bad habits

Many people with panic disorder report that after analysis they can connect the panic attacks to a bad habit. It could be the excessive consumption of coffee, it could be due to the use of alcohol the previous day, it could be going to bed late or getting up early.

It could be anything. Consider whether you observe any dependence between panic attacks and a certain habit or food and solve the problem.

5. Contrast showers

Contrast showers are a very effective way to calm panic attacks. They help the body produce more endorphins, which will make you feel better. In addition to mental relief, the contrast shower is also a great tool for dealing with colds, as it strengthens the immune system.

6. Nutrition

Try to minimize junk food, sugar and anything artificial. Emphasize fruits, vegetables, yogurt, chicken, fish and oatmeal. Also, avoid eating at least 2-3 hours before bedtime and try to make the last meal of the day the lightest.

7. Spend less time thinking about panic attacks

Don’t focus all your attention on panic attacks, but on life in general. Tell yourself that when they appear you will not fight them, but will endure them until you get rid of them naturally without any struggle.

Focus on your real concerns and make it happen. Immerse yourself in real activities, hobbies and whatever else. Just keep your attention engaged.

8. Don’t heed the panic

If you have a business meeting or a meeting with friends or an upcoming trip, but you get a panic attack, you should not postpone the meeting. Keep living. This is the best course of action.

Don’t base your life on one emotion that will wash away like the clouds in the sky come and go. Do the exact opposite of what the panic attack tells you.

Go out, meet people, go on a picnic, have a refreshing drink with friends in a square somewhere full of people, cause the panic. Don’t run away from it but challenge it, look for it as if you like it and as if you need more panic.

When it appears try to reinforce it if possible and observe your feelings. This will show you that panic is just an emotion and there is nothing scary about it.

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