A hangover-busting breakfast

A large part of the earth’s population consumes alcoholic beverages, some more, some less, some with an occasion and some without. There are few who are extreme abstainers. But do you know everything abouthangovers?

Research shows that around half a million Brits miss work every day because they have a bad hangover.

Other studies show that some people miss 6 days a year from work because they drank too much the night before.

Nutritionist Christine Bailey recently explained that the first step to banishing a hangover is breakfast. It is the first to rehydrate the body and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Alcohol inhibits the secretion of vasopressin, an anti-hormone that controls urination. When this enzyme is suppressed, water is sent directly into the bladder.

That is, alcohol leads to dehydration, low blood pressure, changes mood and makes us feel tired.

The first rays of light that will fall upon us after a heavy alcoholic evening will come from breakfast. Of course, it is best if you were well rested and, of course, full before the start of the previous evening.

To get over a hangover you will need an extremely heavy and high calorie breakfast. Understand high in fat and protein. A good start is eggs with bacon or something even higher in calories.

Fats repel the negative effects of alcohol. Have you ever wondered why all the snacks that are consumed while drinking are fattier and more caloric? In case you haven’t, keep reading.

Fat acts as a shield against alcohol. Imagine 1 molecule each of alcohol and fat. The latter simply attach to the former, enveloping them and neutralizing them. This is where the meaning of the caloric breakfast lies.

Unlike carbohydrates (substances made of sugars, like alcohol), fats and proteins support our vital functions in a way that sugars simply cannot. That is why it is good to emphasize them, especially in a state of hangover.

To get over last night’s bad mood, you’ll need high blood sugar levels. Nutritionists advise an immediate intake of about 20 grams of fat, but this is a dose suitable for large people, and for a whole day. That is, you are likely to stress your body.

If you don’t want to cause yourself stomach pain and nausea on top of your already dire situation, use an alternative method. For example, a hearty breakfast with herring or smoked salmon, boiled eggs, whole grain bread, mushrooms and tomatoes. This will provide your body with potassium and sodium electrolytes, the levels of which are usually critically low in such conditions.

Eggs are a great choice, although ideally they should not be fried to avoid the bad fats that harm your heart. Eggs contain an amino acid called N-acetyl cysteine, one of the building blocks of an antioxidant called glutathione. It plays the main role in the body’s handling of toxins coming from alcohol.

In addition, muesli breakfast is also a good option because they are rich in energy, enzymes and various vitamins and minerals. And in such conditions, our body seeks to extract the maximum from any type of food. Muesli also contains glucose, which will boost our hungover exhausted body.

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