How to protect yourself from dementia?

A healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of dementia by around 30%, say health professionals.

An analysis by Age UK claims there are five steps people can take to keep their brains healthy and reduce their risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s. p>

A review of academic studies and data shows that the way we live contributes to about 75% of cognitive decline.

It affects thinking and skills that get stronger or weaker as we age, including memory loss and speed of thought.

One large study found that men who followed these healthy lifestyle tips reduced their risk of developing cognitive decline and dementia by about 36/100, compared to another category of men, who did not apply these steps.

The key factors are to exercise regularly, not to smoke, it is imperative to watch your weight, follow theMediterranean diet and reduce your alcohol intake.

Other scientists say that if we want to protect ourselves from dementia for life, apart from drinking a little and not smoking at all, it is good to eat fruits and vegetables because they contain “salvation”.

Research shows that prevention and treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity can also reduce the risk of dementia. But regardless of the different opinions, everyone is categorical – physical exercise and a healthy diet are the most important factors that we should emphasize in order to protect ourselves from the insidious disease.

Recent English studies conducted among elderly people divided them into 2 groups, those who exercised for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week and those who did not exercise their body. The result is that people who performed physical activity reduced their risks of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease dramatically.

This research also shows that excessive alcohol use destroys the brain, leading to loss of brain tissue in those areas responsible for memory and the processing and interpretation of visual information.

But despite everything, there is also good news. Moderate consumption, I emphasize moderate, can protect brain tissue by increasing good cholesterol and decreasing bad cholesterol.

A suitable alcohol for the purpose is wine, for example. Carolyn Abrahams, director of Age UK, said: “Despite the large number of people suffering from dementia there is still no cure.

But on the other hand, there are simple steps that are easy to follow and are useful for overall health. We can just spend a little time every day applying them and reducing the risks of all kinds of diseases.”

It is not necessary that every pharmacy has a medicine that protects us from something. And in the event that such a drug does not exist, this does not mean that we must undoubtedly resort to surgical intervention. There are some simple things in life that if we think about them when we are young, they will pay off when we are older.

Everyone finds time for scandals, smoking, drinking and running away from responsibility. Instead of investing this time in nonsense that brings us extra stress, we can cook something tasty and healthy, start a program to cut down on cigarettes or just break up our body.

Our body is one of the best things we can invest in because it will give us everything back, with interest. Think about it today so that you can be healthy tomorrow.

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