Allergy to men

Identifying new allergens has become commonplace these days. Still, such discoveries are made that surprise even a large part of scientists – for example, the facts surrounding the identification of the so-called seed allergy.

The now common phrase “I’m allergic to it” can now be said to have a medical basis. It has been established that semen, falling into the vagina, can cause an allergic reaction in the intimate partner.

The first cases of “seed” allergy were recorded in the late 1950s. In that period, with a relatively clean environment, they were seen as a kind of exception to the rules.

But recently, cases of allergy to male sperm are becoming more frequent. Scientists explain this with the general increase in the frequency of the spread of allergic diseases, and also with the increase in the qualification of allergists.

What is happening?

Main signs of a “seed” allergy:

  • Asthma attacks;
  • Fever;
  • Skin reactions;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Swelling;
  • Loss of consciousness;
  • Even disruption of cerebral circulation.

Seed allergy can also express local painful sensations – burning and itching.

Some medical specialists suggest that male allergy can also occur in homosexuals, however, at the moment, scientists do not have data on how the male body reacts to foreign semen.


According to Johnson Berstein from the University of Cincinnati in the USA, out of thousands of women with various forms of allergic diseases, every 8 suffer from their “seed” variety.

And according to information from Canadian allergists, the picture is even sadder – every third woman experiencing painful sensations in the genital area has an allergic reaction to her partner’s semen.

These results give reason to talk about a much wider spread of “seed allergies” than previously thought.

Of course, allergic reactions to sperm affect the quality of partners’ sex lives.

Those women who, due to fear of losing their loved one, hide all manifestations of an allergic reaction, or if their allergy occurs in a less aggressive form, risk developing quite serious diseases in the future.

In addition, even if the reaction to the man’s sperm is weak in the woman, the immune processes that are the basis of the allergic manifestation can cause infertility.

In this case, pregnancy is possible only through artificial insemination, that is, through the introduction of seminal fluid from a donor.

But American health experts recommend that women, if they find such symptoms of hypersensitivity to the seminal fluid of their intimate partner, to change it immediately, because, as stated above, the woman, even if she endures the unpleasant sensations, may remain barren.

Treatment of allergy to men

The first step in the treatment is the removal of the allergen, that is, the cessation of intimate relations with the corresponding “irritant”.

American doctors even suggest checking for allergic reactions to the sexual partner before marriage.

For the overall treatment of “seed” allergy, all preparations and procedures that are widely used in other varieties of this disease are suitable.

Nevertheless, by using a condom, the manifestation of a semen allergy can be avoided.
But if a woman feels itching and burning during sexual intercourse, she should visit a gynecologist.

Such symptoms can also indicate other diseases that have already occurred, and to clarify the diagnosis, a consultation with a urologist and an allergist is desirable.

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